I’m starting up a Legacy Challenge as I figure it’ll work better than just having random updates on my original family. This is a STORY blog so hopefully this will support a story format as there is an end to the story when you do a challenge. If you’re interested in what the Legacy challenge is: head out to Pinstar’s Challenge Site. Basically you play 9 generations and when the 10 generation is born you add up your points and see how you did. So without further ado!

Lemongrass has short blue hair, is not to thin and is rocking with jeans, sensible shoes, and a black halter top.
Founder posing with the requisite statue, it went right into my inventory next.

This is Lemongrass Pigglewiggle. She was created on October 2nd to be the founder of my strict equality creative legacy. Her traits, which I decided to abuse Pinstar’s trait calculator to generate, are: Romantic, Creative, Childish. Her lifetime aspiration is to have a Big Happy Family. For a random roll, it makes a lot of sense.

Lemongrass started off in Willow Creek with her allotted 1800 simoleons. She first needed a home and a roof over her head in case it started raining or snowing (yes, I know weather isn’t implemented in the game yet, but for verisimilitude, it was important to me). Luckily a single bed, fridge, toilet, and table and chair fit in a 3×3 box. The table and chair were bought for the computer she got after her first day of work wither her bonus money – after she sold the window. As an aspiring writer of children’s books (she’s childish so it works) she couldn’t limit herself to the library’s operating hours.

Lemongrass stands next to a tiny 3x3 house with a slanted roof..
I know most people just put it all on the lawn, but she really wanted a roof.
Lemongrass stands inside her unpainted house, a bed, toilet, fridge, and table with computer fill the space.
This is after her first day so some of this was bought with her first paycheck and bonus.

On her first day she met Mitchell as well as numerous other men at the museum, but they were all married already. (I hadn’t paid enough attention to the townies yet so I had no way of knowing that Mitchell was in the Roomies household, luckily the spirit of the Spouse law is that you shouldn’t know the traits of the sim beforehand, which I didn’t. He could have been anyone. If you consider my challenge illegible for that, so be it). They hit it off well enough that first day although he appeared to be a bit unmotivated. Undaunted, she invited him out for a date at the park a couple days later.

Lemongrass and Mitchell pose for a picture in the park.
Even in sim-life you can end up with “blink” pictures! Open your eyes Lemongrass!
Lemongrass swoops in for a kiss surprising, but not upsetting Mitchell.
She moves fast, this one.

The date went swimmingly, gold star level, and while they might not have a lot of common, the chemistry was definitely there. He admitted that he wanted to be a famous comedian although he was working as a dishwasher at the moment. By the end of the date, they were defiantly willing to tie the knot and make a life together. Just one small problem. Buying the double bed completely emptied their household funds and they wanted to get married properly. Thus began what will no doubt be the longest engagement and what is proving to be a fun legacy.

Legacy Score: 1

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