Lemongrass stands before the crib just as Arthur is being born.

Step 3: A Spare or Two?

Lemongrass stands before the crib just as Arthur is being born.
Like all moms, the more children Lemongrass had, the fewer pictures there were of them. Poor Arthur.

Arthur was a happy expansion to the family, calming any nerves that Austin’s fragile health wouldn’t be up to the task of legacy building. Like his brother, he was a studious child, but he also gained his father’s laziness so he is almost doomed from the start to be unsuccessful in life.

Soon after he joined his brother and sister in the now-expanded children’s room, Lemongrass heard of a young boy in need of a loving family. The boy hadn’t done well in foster care and the social worker came round the house knowing that Lemongrass had been interested in adoption. After three children of her own, she had planned to stop. But the boy’s heartbreaking story swayed her and so then there were four little children in the family.

The interior of my house, Mitchell cooks dinner while Conan sits on the porch outside doing his homework. The other boys are in the back room with Lemongrass reading and Charlotte's out on the monkey bars.
Evenings in the Pigglewiggle House. Arthur is sitting next to Lemongrass while Conan is out front doing his homework.
Single story house with a slanted room and a small front porch. Plus a tree and a bush! Now that's fancy.
Finally a proper house with all the trappings! Don’t worry, I fixed the column in the back. I’m a little annoyed that columns don’t work as well when you have a foundation.

Conan’s problems stemmed from his fragile metal state. He bonded strongly with Lemongrass as she could accept his odd behavior and while he warmed to Charlotte and Austin eventually, Arthur and he never got along well. He was the most cheerful child and the only one to reach the top of a skill by chatting up strangers, sinks and other furniture, or anyone foolish enough to walk by the house. With Conan’s adoption, Lemongrass’s family was complete, now all she had to do was wait for them to grow up.

Charlotte got her own room once she was old enough to need one. The boys could share, but it seemed only right that she’d get a little privacy. Although she always welcomes anyone into her room that wishes to chat or do homework on her bed. She decided to do a little bit of everything in her lifetime that way she’d avoid missing out on experiences.

Austin outside in his fishing hat.
I think Austin is avoiding his heir responsibilities by fishing all the time…how’s he supposed to meet a spouse out here?

Austin’s birthday was next and he grew an appreciation for being out of such a chaotic household to be alone with his thought. He took up fishing down by the river, and started bringing home fresh fish for Mitchell to cook. (Note, there may be a bug here, every time I try to use the fresh fish the “prepare” stage bugs out and Mitchell claims he can’t reach it. The only option then is to toss it, sigh).

When Conan and Arthur aged up the house got full fast. Conan decided to start a garden for no other reason that people don’t look at you oddly when you talk to plants. He wants to have a lot of money saved up. I assume because he had such a chaotic childhood and doesn’t want to be left out in the cold, he also decided to be an astronaut. Pretty insane, but that’s the kind of guy he is. I think I’m going to have Conan stay in the family rather than move him out even if it makes the house overly full. I’m not sure he could make it on his own and Lemongrass would never forgive Austin for turning him out of the only home he’d ever felt safe in.

When Arthur grew up it was obvious he’d inherited more than just laziness from his father as he is near a spitting image of Mitchell. But when he claimed he wanted to be a body builder, Lemongrass bought him a punching bag and a treadmill. He hasn’t touched the treadmill (although Lemongrass managed to finally work off her baby weight) he has been diligent about boxing, in-between frequent naps. He was also the first of the children to get a girlfriend and I must say, they hit it off well!

Arthur in his workout clothes holds his date's hands as he gazes into her eyes.
I really must stop taking pictures at night.

Legacy Score: 2!

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