A tower has been built on the back of the house.

Step 5: Generation 2 – Austin Pigglewiggle

Now that Austin is an adult, it’s time for some major renovations in the Pigglewiggle household so Austin and I remodeled the house moving a bathroom to make room for (gasp) a dining room table. Lemongrass and Mitchell took the upstairs as a study/bedroom and the boys moved into the old “master” bedroom. Austin built himself a tower in the back of the house for his fishing trophies. The house is still a bit cramped but I’m starting to see where it’s going.

A tower has been built on the back of the house.
New addition for a new generation.

In desperation of Austin ever finding an heir, his little brother Arthur, invited a bunch of girls over to the house in the hopes that one of them would spark Austin’s interest. Arthur had met a lot in the park one day looking for his own romantic interest. Sadly, Austin spent most of the time napping, leaving the entertaining of five females to Mitchell and Arthur.

Mitchell and Arthur entertain the girls outside the house.
Pay close attention to the yellow tracksuit!

But then just as I was closing down the game and bringing Austin home from a long day fishing, he ran into an acquaintance, Hilary Corker. They have more in common than his parents ever did as they’re both gloomy. But she’s also a goofball (how does that not conflict with gloomy!) and x. They’s chatted before to no avail, but this time Austin must have been in a better mood because it didn’t take long before they were flirting up a storm. I only had to coach him at the beginning and she was flirting back.

Austin flirts with a girl (almost) without my help.
Might this be it?!

The next day, Austin invited Hilary over once she got off work and the whole family got a chance to meet her. They seemed to approve, even more importantly both Austin and Hilary got ‘very flirty’ moodlets and he popped the question on the spot!

Austin on bended knee propses to Hilary.
Will you marry me?

Two days later they were married in the park. It was a lovely summer day and everyone was invited including an unneeded caterer since Mitchell pre-made the wedding cake. Lemongrass and Mitchell spent the entire time taking pictures. You could tell it was fulfilling a long standing wish of theirs to have their children marry and continue their legacy. Mitchell even pulled out a microphone and started amusing the guests with jokes receiving tips for the first time in his life.

Standing next to the wedding arch.
Flirting it up before the vows.

Arthur had just gotten back from working out and was eagerly showing off to all the guests and anyone else who approached. I’m going to miss playing Arthur, but unless Austin and Hilary have a girl, I’ll need to room to grow my main family. We ended the gold star wedding a little early because Austin suddenly became very embarrassed and I didn’t want to risk death.

Mitchell tells jokes in front of a crowd of wedding goers.
Finally tips! They’re listening!

Legacy Score: 8

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  1. How did the family manage to get such a nice house so quickly? I like Hilary, what a strange personality, a gloomy goofball… I suppose that’s what a bipolar sim would be?


    • I’m wondering that myself. I think it must have been Lemongrass’s books. I think it’s still fairly small, just mutli-storied though. It’s about 7 rooms total, plus bathrooms. Perhaps the brick makes it seem bigger? Fortune is the one category in the legacy that I am struggling mightily in.


  2. Great chapter and Lovely wedding. My Sims and I wish all the best to Austin and Hilary as they begin their new lives together. Guess Austin didn’t need his brother’s matchmaking skills after all.


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