Arthur poses for a picture with his girlfriend.

Step 6: Making Room

Our house was beginning to look crowded since I wanted to start on Austin and Hilary’s children right away. The downfall to starting the family so quickly means that Lemongrass is still a day or so away from elderhood and as I discovered when she aged up even though she was over 100 days old, her elder bar is going up very slowly. We’re going to have her around for awhile barring accidents.

It was however the end of Mitchell’s life we got the notice and I decided to have him end his job and gave him free rein in the end. There was no way we were going to more the 2200 simoleans he still needs for that. He mainly made drinks at the bar and food for the family. We traded all his points in for potions, completing the potion collection for another legacy point. Then we lost him. I failed to get the notification from the game that Grim was coming and suddenly he wasn’t in my sim list anymore. He had turned into an urn with absolutely no fanfare and no one noticed it despite two people being in the room with him.

Single Urn in the freshly made stone mausoleum.
RIP Mitchell: Not even the Grim noticed your passing.

By now Lemongrass was an elder and I knew she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I turned my attention to the other family members. Just because they’re not the heir doesn’t mean I don’t want to give them a happy life. Arthur is so far my all-time favorite sim. There’s just something endearing about a lazy bodybuilder, plus he has a girlfriend that he’d gotten pregnant. So we had to say goodbye to Arthur. I sent them into a house and snuck them into my gallery so I can choose to play them from this point at any time. (A brief moment of silence for the almost 1500 points I forgot to turn into a youth potion before he left.)

Arthur poses for a picture with his girlfriend.
Aren’t they sooo cute?

And now a little happiness. Meet the start of generation 3 and our new heir presumptive. Little Coral was born just after Arthur left the house. Becoming the first grandchild of Lemongrass (she needs four for her aspiration).

Hilary stares at her new baby with a panicked expression.
This is Hilary’s “Oh shit, it’s a baby face.”

We had our sole visit by Ghost Mitchell just after Coral’s birthday. He floated around a bit aimlessly and made a drink at the bar. At the end of the night, Lemongrass came down for breakfast and the two of them chatted. Lemongrass brightened one up. She hasn’t been sad from loosing Mitchell, but she has been Lovelorn. When Mitchell appeared they flirted and she started smiling again. Unfortunately the next time I looked at his urn, it appears Mitchell’s ghost had been purged.

Legacy Score: 15

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Legagy Update: How I keep Score


    • You are so right! Those eyes, they’re like “what the plum? where did this come from!” Ah Coral, she’s a favorite…well sadly they all are my favorite and each generation is more favorite than the last.


  1. I totally know how it is to want to give everyone in the household a happy life, which is probably why I’ve branched out with my legacies (but have to learn to say goodbye) and then end up with too many active households to handle. Congrats on the birth of little Coral and to the proud parents.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah – I still haven’t gotten around to playing Arthur or his wife. I tried briefly but that game didn’t last long. I still have him around though for the future. I suspect he’ll come in handy someday.

      Liked by 1 person

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