A quick photo of Coral from the CAS. She's got her grandmother's green eyes.

Step 7: Saying Hello, Saying Goodbye

Coral was the weirdest baby I’ve ever met. In the two days of her infanthood, she never once had a dirty diaper to change. I’m not sure she ever cried. I kept hovering by her waiting, but then it was her birthday.

Charlotte and Abel stand in front of their house, the moon behind them.
I think she’s annoyed that I moved her in the middle of the night (in her pjs).

Charlotte had her adult birthday and I knew it was time to set her loose in the world. She hadn’t found love like her little brother, but I figured with a small amount of effort she would. Austin achieved his lifetime aspiration of angling ace and took up collecting since he was already halfway there. He also managed to “collect” a potential suitor for Charlotte. I don’t know what he told the man ahead of time, but he arrived at the house flirty and Charlotte could do no wrong. Once I was certain she was pregnant, I turned her loose into the house next to Arthur and their new baby boy. I sent them off will all the scavenged parts the house had ever found. Again sigh.

Coral stands in her pjs in the center of a green and blue room. The room has a desk, a giant dollhouse and the previous generation's stuffed dragon.
Coral’s Bedroom has that “outdoors” theme.

I altered Charlotte’s room into a kids room for Coral and the second baby that Hilary was carrying. Coral had aged up into a scamp and spend hours outside on the monkey bars. Truly a little monkey, but she was a good student as well working. And Grandma Lemongrass was always nearby to help with homework. Let’s see if we can do better this generation in achieving those goals.

A quick photo of Coral from the CAS. She's got her grandmother's green eyes.
Coral Pigglewiggle, heir presumptive. She got her grandmother’s eye color.

Austin finally took a job as a Tech Guru. His new aspiration is Collector which is something he can do while working. He may even finish two aspirations in his lifetime since he’s still a young adult. And if he has Lemongrass’s lifespan, he’ll have a lot of time. Hilary is working in the entertainment career for no real reason. With an renaissance sim aspiration she’ll have to be flipping jobs a lot anyway.

Conan has gotten to the point where he can “tend” his garden and he grafted several plants together making gardening less of a chore. As for his astronaut career, he gets stressed a lot about it, but seems to be advancing okay. Lemongrass continues to work and write, I don’t do much with her since she’s waiting for Charlotte and Hilary to have their children. Then she’ll have to pick a second aspiration.

Lemongrass feeds her grandchild.
Lemongrass is moments away from achieving her Big Happy Family aspiration.

Little Reef was born early one morning and that evening Charlotte must have given birth because we were notified that Lemongrass had successfully achieved her lifetime wish. Reef was a normal infant, crying and requiring diaper changes and everything. He’d aged up with the elusive “artistic prodigy” wish that we hadn’t seen yet.

Coral and Reef play chess at the outdoor table.
Obligatory chess shot.

Lemongrass got her “end of life” message and quit her job. She spend a lot of time near the end cleaning up the house and repairing things. She wrote a little she played with the grandkids. While it was sad when the reaper came, I was also a little relieved with her job maxed out and her second lifetime wish requiring a high school student, there wasn’t a lot I could do with her and she felt kind of aimless at the end. We interred her in the family mausoleum next to Mitchell.

Two urns in a stone room with a quill pen and cup of cooking utensils as mementos.
Farewell, founder.

Legacy Score: 16/100

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