Right after blowing out the candles, Cason's limbs are long enough for adult height, but he's scrunched down to child size.

Step 9: Handling Bugs with Ease

Bug 1: Disappearing Ghosts

After Lemongrass passed away I was concerned about the disappearing ghost bug where you’ll return to your gravestone and it’ll say RIP ______, instead of displaying the characters name. That means the ghost is gone. I wasn’t too upset when this happened to Mitchell, but I really didn’t want it to happen to Lemongrass. According to what I read, the erasing occurs on Thursday due to some EA code that runs. But I also had heard there was mod that fixed this. So popped over to the mod store: Mod the Sims and The Sims Resource. Eventually I discovered the mod that (obviously) has helped since Lemongrass has been haunting my house ever since. It’s not a game-breaking bug, but for a legacy it’s a devastating one.

Lemongrass as a "fine" ghost painting a sunflower.
Lemongrass is keeping up with her painting skills.
Inspired Lemongrass sleeping in next to Conan in his bed.
This was really disturbing to seek. Luckily Conan didn’t wake up.
Energized Lemongrass reading a book beneath the stairs.
Testing out the kid’s section. Well, she was a childish Sim.


Bug 2: Ageless Demon Children

You  have heard of the “demon baby” bug where babies were born with weird and missing limbs? I never got that bug (thank goodness) and it’s been officially patched now. But I did get a similar bug when I aged up a neighbor child. Coral’s best friends growing up had always been Cason. We invited him to all of Coral’s parties. All her other “child” friends aged up, but two days from her Young Adult birthday, I realized Cason was still a child. So Coral invited him over and baked him a cake. He blew out the candles. I’d say he was bugged. Luckily restarting the game fixed that and Coral is free to flirt with the boy for a few days.

Right after blowing out the candles, Cason's limbs are long enough for adult height, but he's scrunched down to child size.
“Happy Birth…Um, Cason? Somthing’s not quite right here.”
Coral and Cason pose for a picture but Cason is still a "child" with long misshapen limbs and a stretched out neck.
Don’t scream, say “cheese.”


Bug 3: Small Eyes and Square Jaw Disease

This is perhaps one of the most game-breaking bugs right now. When I look around my town all men have tiny eyes, square jaws, wide shoulders, and flat noses. They pretty much the same face with only a few minor differences. This has been going on all month, but I didn’t notice it until someone else pointed it out. Then I realized, I too, had the issue.

Cousin Rudy displays tiny squished eyes, a square jaw and wide shoulders.
I confirmed the issue right after cousin Rudy aged up. This is not a face based on Pigglewiggle genetics.

Looking around I realized Austin, Arthur, and Conan had aged up with this face and every man Coral met that weren’t children looked the same. There’s no fix (yet!) for this. The only thing that semi works is if you cheat into edit.cas mode and pick eyes, chins, and noses from the create a sim. Then when they age up they won’t look as bad. I also went through all my men and edited them as best I could. Pretty much Mitchell’s genetics are completely lost and I’m just guessing on how they would look, but at least they don’t all look the same. I’m very much looking forward to this bug fix because, while it doesn’t make the Legacy impossible to play, it sort of destroys the “genetics” feature of this game.

Phillip in CAS with much larger eyes that most men who age up these days.
Cousin Phillip aged up better since I’d assigned him CAS-approved features before he aged up. Still, it’s not ideal since it’s not based on genetics.

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Legacy Update: Lemongrass’s Grandchildren


    • I know. Luckily that is the only time I’ve seen it. And if I remember correctly a lot of folks were having aging issues and demon babies. Then again, that’s the last time I aged a townie.


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