Lemongrass has four grandchildren: Coral, Reef (children of Arthur). Arthur’s son Rudy, and Charlotte’s son Philip. (I was really hoping that either Arthur or Charlotte would have twins, sigh).

Coral Pigglewiggle (heir presumptive)

CAS images of child, and teenager Carol. Dark brown hair, full lips and bright green eyes.
Carol Pigglewiggle, 3rd Heir

Coral’s aspiration is Party Animal which may go well with her love of the outdoors, but I’m not sure how her geek trait fits in. I’m hoping she’s still around for pool parties to come into play next month. As a child she completed her rambunctious scamp aspiration so she’ll be learning fitness faster. Perhaps she won’t have to struggle with her weight as much as her father or grandmother did. As for her career, Secret Agent will probably fit her social and athletic skills nicely. She’s not run into any teenagers to date, but I’ve had her talking to children in case one of them grows up soon. Otherwise it’s not as much of a problem if she marries an older man.

Reef Pigglewiggle

CAS portraits of child and teenager Reef. Same dark hair as Carol, same bright green eyes.
Reef Pigglewiggle, I did a decent job matching his childhood features.

Coral’s little brother completed his creative prodigy aspiration with violin and lots of painting. So he’ll be able to skill up in those creative traits faster. Shame he’s not eligible for heir since while he’s doesn’t have the creative trait – he’s got the skills. I’ve not seen any girls on the playground for Reef to meet and befriend, but I’ll give it a few more changes before I start downloading #legacyloves from the gallery. With his creative bonus, I was hoping he’d get a creative aspiration, so I can work on having a single sim complete two of them, but instead he got the Family Lineage aspiration. Since he’s not the heir, I double we’ll be getting very far in it.


Rudy Hawley

Child and teen images of Rudy. Rudy wears a cap, so you can't see his dark brown hair. He's got golden brown eyes from his mother.
Rudy Hawley, asnwering the question on how slob can be a snob.

Arthur & Kerri Hawley had a son whom they named Rudy. He’s between Coral and Reef’s ages and a bit of a slob, but I like his hat. Because Arthur aged up with the small-eye syndrome his son “inherited” those traits as a child. I tried to correct for them once I realized what happened.

Phillip Chan

Child and Teenager of blond, blue-eyed Philip.
Phillip Chan took after his late father. I’m not sure there’s any Pigglewiggle in him

Charlotte & Abel Chan also had a son, Lemongrass’s youngest grandson, Phillip. I’m glad I’m not trying to raise him in the main house; he’s an  evil genius and I’m not yet ready to manage a sim that delights in suffering. He looks all sweetness and light though, having inherited Abel’s blond hair and blue eyes. Do not trust him. (I could NOT find his childhood lips at all when he aged up which is a shame cuz I think those are Pigglewiggle lips).

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