Coral stands in front of the large Pigglewiggle house.

Step 10: Generation 3 Begins

After a brief game-playing hiatis where I worked on fixing my game by adding mods and tweaking faces, we return to the main house of the Pigglewiggle family.

Days before Coral’s young adult birthday, it was time for Austin’s elder birthday.

Austin blowing out his candles, bottom lip stuck out in a pout.
He does not look happy to be aging up at all.

He’s completed two aspirations during his life (Angler & Collector) so he should be happy with all he’s accomplished. Right now he’s in the eGamer career and has the matching Tech Guru aspiration although I doubt he’ll manage to complete three aspirations. We;ve gotten notice on Hilary’s lifetime so I’m keeping an eye on her, I’d like her to get a couple of memorial paintings out before she dies.

Coral had her young adult birthday, Tuesday morning in the park. Only Conan was able to attend as he had the day off. But it was a huge (gold-star) success. Carol inherited her mother’s Foodie trait so for now we’ve lost our exemplar trait, it’ll be interesting to see when our creative trait returns.

Coral plays chess with her friends.
Playing a game with the birthday sim!

She knows mainly adults and elders, although I’d gotten her to befriend every child I see just to be on the safe side. We have now officially started Generation 3!

Coral stands in front of the large Pigglewiggle house.
We’ve come a long way since Lemongrass built that tiny shack.

Once school was over for the day, Carol invited Cason over again to be brithday caked up to young adult after her. I think he was bugged as a child since he was the only kid who didn’t age up during Carol’s teenager phase. Coral invited him in (apologies for all the 5-letter ‘c’ names now) and he became our next spouse. Cason was a loner as a child (but was only miserable for one of Carol’s teenager parties). He became good as a young adult, and got the bookworm trait. So he’ll be perfect for our outgoing party-hungry heir. He’s working to keep the creativity trait in the house as his aspiration is to be a painter.

Cason with buzzed hair and glasses, talks with Carol in their living/bed room.
Cason and Coral in their mini-house.

Carol and Cason moved into the tiny party house she’d built earlier. Although I’m sure it’ll connect up with the main house eventually. Carol got a job as a secret agent and Cason took a job (unsurprisingly) as a painter. Now I just have to sync up their days off and get them wed, then we’ll start working on generation 4.

Legacy Score: 27/100

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