Cason feels the baby kick.

Step 11: What to Expect When you’re Expecting a Legacy

I was going to wait until they got married before starting Coral and Cason’s family. But…well, I love sim babies (waiting with baited breath for toddlers to return), and the first day they both had off was Saturday. So Coral was perhaps a little bit pregnant for the wedding.

Coral and Cason feed each other a bite of cake.
I love it when they share their first piece.

Hilary passed away the day after Cason moved, making it our second unwitnessed bedroom death. Even though Austin was sleeping nearby, he didn’t wake up in time. So once again no one suffered overly much from her passing. Which was great since soon it was Saturday and the day for our next wedding. That’s a day for joy not tears. Conan had to work in the middle of the ceremony (he’s a space smuggler now), but the ceremony itself was another beautiful gold-medal park wedding.

Coral in her red wedding dress kisses Cason to seal the marriage.
“You may now kiss.”

The bride then spent the second half of the wedding asleep whenever she could get away with a nap and the groom was just barely happy enough to get over his discomfort with all the strangers who’d been invited. Luckily Reef and Austin were there to keep the party going. Reef didn’t manage to meet anyone who sparked his interest just yet, but he’ll be calling some of the girls up.

Coral is curled up on a large ottoman just inside the shelter.
I found Coral just outside the bathroom on the ottoman.

A few days later and it was Reef’s birthday. Coral was too busy being pregnant to throw a party for her brother, but she did bake him a cake. He’s not chosen a career yet so he hangs about the house, playing the violin and inviting women over. After three test women, he’s finally got his eyes on one woman with a cute hat and they have really great chemistry. I was planning to keep Reef in the main home rather than send him off, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to fit his spouse and any children in the house.

Our house is filling back up again although we’ve gotten Austin’s ‘end of life’ notice and are only  a couple days away from receiving Conan’s final warning. But the day after the wedding, we all got to greet our newest Pigglewiggle, Bond Pigglewiggle.

Cason and Coral chat near baby Bond.
“What, another one? Sure I think that’s a great idea.”

I have to keep my eyes on Cason. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a “good” Sim, but I keep finding him out in the mausoleum mourning Lemongrass (whom he never met). While he does need to paint 3 emotional paintings, I’d hate for them all to be “sad” paintings. Cason is the only family member who has ever been in the Pigglewiggle mausoleum. We saw Hilary a couple nights before she disappeared. I’m not sure exactly what’s purging the ghosts, we still have Lemongrass so something is working, but the mod obviously isn’t completely fixing the ghost eraser. He also chatted with Hilary the one time her ghost appeared before she was eaten by the ghost monsters. My patch is apparently not working quite so well and Lemongrass remains our sole (soul, ha!) ghost. While I appreciate fewer ghosts to deal with, I’d kind of like to know my founders and heirs will always be there.

So we’ll leave Austin and Conan at the end of their life spans, their inventories empty and achievement points cruelly converted to youth potions.

Three tables are set up filled with potions and memorial books and paitings
Off limits to the house.

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    • This is the one part of the house I’ve kept in tack over the generations. When I rebuild I make sure that the attic stays as a tie back to the original. I just finally got all 80 youth potions in there.


  1. I didn’t know potions look so good on shelves! They make a wonderful decorations, so fancy!
    And Bond is such a cool name (and “Pigglewiggle. Bond Pigglewiggle.” is a very Bond-ish way to introduce someone!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • The potions only do their fun smokey bit when you first place them – or if you move them all in build mode – then for a brief moment, they all explode! All the Pigglewiggles this generation are named after spies, but Bond is one of my favorites.

      Liked by 1 person

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