Reef and child Benjamin pose for a picture together.

Step 13: Going for 10 Babies

Reef snuggles his daughter.
Hello sunshine, Daddy’s here.

Reef and Alejandra had their second child, a baby girl named Vivienne. Reef started spending more and more time interacting with his own kids although he was always had plenty of time to help his niece and nephew with their homework and help care for baby AJ. Mainly though, we were waiting, waiting for Cason to get enough points to get the fertility treatment, waiting for one of the kids to max a skill to see if it would count for Reef’s lifetime aspiration goal.

Reef and child Benjamin pose for a picture together.
You’re all grown up! I feel like you grew up over night.

Bond got an A in school, achieved his childhood aspiration and maxed two skills (motor and creativity). He skipped his last day of elementary school to finish playing on the monkey bars and eat the cake Coral had made for him. He announced that he wanted to be a Joke Star like his great grandfather Mitchell had been and he picked up the outgoing trait to help with that. (We tried to tell him that Mitchell had never been able to progress far in that wish, but he was animate).

Bond having just completed his birthday wish.
“Hmmm…I wish this was a proper birthday party.”

Little AJ grew up into a proper Geek like his mom and uncle Reef, with the goal of being a social butterfly. And he and Nikita have become best friends and partners in crime. Nikita doesn’t have the creative trait, but she’s likes painting like her father and she’s been practicing on the piano downstairs.

Nikita and AJ playing chess.
Chess really isn’t my game, but this is a great way to level up my social skills.

Reef decided to move in with Alejandra and his kids (both now children) after AJ grew up and Coral was pregnant again (now that we got Cason’s fertility treatment). By then we’d all realized he wasn’t going to be able to fulfill his dream of a family legacy since the game doesn’t count your nieces and nephews as eligible for “a child maxing a skill” or “getting an A in high school” and he’d be much happier in his own family.

That night Coral went to work again during labor and so we had to wait for the end of her shift to see if we’d finally gotten twins. Say hello to little baby Boris and yeah, that was it. No twins yet. I’m going to have to get the ten kids the hard way, one at a time and I’m leaning towards not using youth potions in this legacy if I can help it. Coral is pregnant again so we’ll hope for twins again.

Legacy Score: 33

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