Natasha and Boris become best friends forever.

Step 15: First Six Kids

So with six kids in the house we’ve had to tackle the game a little more strategically, but even so we’ve managed to accomplish a lot with them as they worked their way up to teenagerdom. You get CAS pictures only this post since they’re the one thing I usually remember to do when it’s gets crazy. (Although I almost forgot Austin’s child picture).

1. Bond Pigglewiggle

CAS of Bond who has short buzzed black hair like his dad, and green eyes!
James Bond: One-time heir. Rambunctious Scamp and A-student. Wants to be a Joke Star.

Bond was heir presumptive until the birth of little Boris. When he aged up to young adult he took on the genius trait taking him completely out of the running. With the Joke Star aspiration, I would have enjoyed attempting that trait again, but alas, if we are to make room for four more kids, we need to make room. Bond met a lovely lady in the bar one morning while everyone else was working and they immediately went out for a date in the park. That evening he invited her over and the next day he took a job as an entertainer and moved out. Their (evil) uncle Phillip Chan had just remodeled his house and the two love birds moved in with him. Coral chose to have her adult birthday there to check on them, and yes, Yasmin Crowder is pregnant. Bond gave his family two youth potions and as a child had gotten all As and achieved his rambunctious scamp aspiration. His traits were bookworm, outgoing, and genius.

2. Nikita Pigglewiggle

CAS of child and teenager Nikita. Short dark black hair and eyes.
La Femme Nikita. Artistic Progeny and A-Student. Wants a successful Lineage.

Nikita was due her young adult birthday just three days after Bond. She has not aged up into a lovable sim, that’s for sure: she’s a lazy, materialistic, slob. I remembered now why I have no pictures of her post-birthday. She decided to wear only a bra when she aged up and I didn’t change her looks until after the party. (She got to keep some midriff-baring clothes). Lazy was her last trait so at least she was able to achieve all As in school and her creative aspiration. Her aspiration is the family lineage one, so she’s not been a good point generator. You really can’t start that aspiration until they are adults. She’s had more trouble finding a mate, the only boy she was interested in is still a teenager, and for some reason I was unable to cake him up before I stopped playing. I figure it’s a bug that restarting will fix. If not, I’m just going to have to find a random male for her. I want her out of the house before Coral tries for baby again, otherwise we’ll never get twins.

3. AJ Pigglewiggle

CAS of AJ, spiky brown hair and a serious teenager expression.
Agent J failed social butterfly and B-student. Wants to collect all the things.

I like AJ. He’s a foodie geek like his mother and the curator aspiration really meshes well with his traits. But he, like all his younger siblings, suffered from the full house syndrom. I think he got a A in elementary school, but if so he was the last child to do so. He did manage to max out his social skill, but he didn’t get close to his social aspiration. He’ll have to leave the house once he becomes a young adult, unless he miraculously gets the creative trait. I have to say thought that I I love this serious expression in his teen portrait.

4. Boris Pigglewiggle

CAS of Boris, longer black hair and dark eyes. As a teenager I think he looks like Harry Potter.
Boris Badenov. Heir presumtive. Failed social butterfly and C-student. He’s just too cool to try. Wants to be a party animal.

Hello Harry Potter….I’m in a hate-love relationship with Boris. He picked up the “hates children’ trait when he became a teenager and I had to move him into Bond’s old bedroom because he hated sleeping in the boys room with his little brother. Right now he’s our heir and I don’t dislike him enough to try to kill him off. Boris has been a C student in high school due to poor elementary school performance. He also failed to achieve his social aspiration. He seems a bit smug and snarky in these pictures, doesn’t he? I think I shall enjoy torturing him with more little siblings.

5. Natasha Pigglewiggle

CAS of Natasha. She's got longish hair, loves pink, and has my Pigglewiggle green eyes.
Natasha Fatale. Successful Social Butterfly. B-Student. Wants to be a public enemy.

Natasha managed to be the most ahead of the game when it came to the social aspiration. She moved quickly to the last level of the aspiration and got her BFF (Boris) and three adult friends thank goodness for Aunts and Uncles. She even had gotten to 2 of 5 child friends by befriending her cousins Benjamin and Vivienne. Unfortunately they both aged into teenagers before she found three more kids to play with and lost those two. I took desperate measures and grabbed a #legacyloves family from the gallery with four kids in it. (Thanks JCobe2810 for your Legacy Teens and Kids!) She spent all Saturday with the new kids talking to them one by  one until at last we achieved the social butterfly aspiration. . . and then had her birthday the next day. It’s done. I may never attempt that one again. Also, note, she got Pigglewiggle eyes!

6. Austin Pigglewiggle

Austin Powers. Failed Social Aspiration. B-student. Poor kid.
Austin Powers. Failed Social Aspiration. B-student. Poor kid. Wants to be a Gardener.

Named both after his grandfather and a famous spy (as all the kids in this generation are), Austin is a clone of Natasha and AJ with the Geek Social Butterfly combination. He’s concentrating on getting an A, because I’ve had enough of befriending kids. He might be able to pull it off with the newly transported kids, but I haven’t paid a lot of attention to him. He’s been left pretty much to raise himself. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get an A before his birthday which was on the same day as AJ’s young adult birthday. We didn’t go anywhere either. Sorry Austin.

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  1. I’m glad I have these kids saved so I can play them. Yeah lazy, materialistic, slob…how would that play out?! You’d think it was incompatible.

    I figured Boris “hates kids” because of the noise and chaos in the house while he grew up. He grew on me though, and I learned to appreciate him. He was even a good father!


    • I’m a little face-blind – simwise and in real life so I don’t often notice until I sit down to look when sims are similar. It’s one of the reaons I’m often a fan of the more extreme genetics – those I can track!

      Liked by 1 person

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