Boris rocks baby Bourne

Step 17: Generation 4.5

I’ve given up on getting twins. Obviously Coral just doesn’t have the genes for this and I’m getting tired of being disappointed. (Feel free to surprise me game.) Coral’s first birth of this new set of kids happened mid-afternoon. Unlike the previous births, we had this one in the hospital. Little Bourne arrived soon after and everyone (including the child-hating Boris) dropped by his cradle to see him and cuddles.

Boris rocks baby Bourne
I guess “hates children” isn’t “hates infants.”

Normally by now, I’d be starting to turn my attention to the next generation look, start looking for a baby mama for Boris. But this particular mini-challenge has got my full attention. I’ve been plotting out how many more natural births Coral can have before she turns elder, how many of the kids I have to move out so we’ll have enough space for them. And then, only peripherally how much space I’ll need for generation 5. They may be the same age as their aunts and uncles if Boris want to get them out the way sooner. (Although with his dislike for kids, I bet he’ll be quite happy waiting forever.)

AJ kisses his girlfriend, Carmen, in front of the Pigglewiggle house.
I think it’s going to work out.

AJ found someone to be with and after a couple of dates and meetings, he moved out. Sniff. Another favorite sim gone to live out their lives away from my watchful gaze. With AJ gone, Coral got pregnant again and little Carman was born next. Keeping Natasha busy meant she was keeping out of trouble.

Natasha bottle feeds baby Carman.
I can’t tell if I should trust her around the kids.

She and Austin are good friends although they have a troublesome relationship since she’s evil and he’s good. Austin keeps walking away from conversation all sad. I’ll find them later giving each other a hug and making up so it’s all good.

Natasha dangles her feet in the water while Austin tends the garden behind her.
“You did what in the pool? How evil!”

Boris aged up and took a job as a musician. Isn’t that was free-loaders do? On the other hand, he has been making himself handy around the house when he’s not angry at the kids or at life. We filled the house back up with the birth of baby number 9, Xander.

Natasha and Austin moved out within a couple of days of each other. Natasha had run into an eccentric man and within moments was moving into his modern house. She wasn’t able to leave pregnant since the house was too full so there will be no babies. With both her and her boyfriend being evil, I’m not sure they’ll still like each other when we go visit them. Austin moved in with them the moment he aged up.

Natasha and her bald beau, Donte pose for a picture.
I think they’re plotting to take over the world.

I did a lot better at managing the Sims this time around with the full house. And when Austin moved out we were back down to six sims! The household feels completely different than it did for the first half of this generation.

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  1. Haha Natasha and her boyfriend seem like a great match! I admire that you managed to bring up all those kids, not neglect their aspirations and even find them suitable partners, all the while keeping your sanity!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is one of those couples that I really want to play someday. Just to see if they can make it. Plus with the 10 kids things, none of them got to leave the house pregnant. Natasha had been a favorite of mine. I did fine paying attention until the end then the insanity got to me.


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