Bourne, Xander, and Carman do their homework while Cason helps.

Step 18: 7-8-9…

Bourne, Carman, and Xander (Social Butterfly, Artistic Prodigy, and Rambunctious Scamp) rule the nursery wing. Now that Natasha is gone, the dollhouse is safe from her destructive tenancies and there are a lot fewer tears. Bourne seemed particular distressed by the destruction. We’re back to getting As (for the most part) and Carman and Xander have a decent shot at getting their aspirations as well. Sorry Bourne, I’m NOT doing social butterfly again in this generation.

Cason tutors Bourne at the kids' focus desk.
One-on-one mentoring to keep Bourne from slacking off.

Bourne’s a bit lazy, but he’s been a good sport about helping his siblings out and with Cason’s help, he got a nice fat A several days before his birthday. I think his birthday will be a day or two before the final birth. He’s always free with a joke or seven and can usually keep Boris too amused to remember he doesn’t like children.

Carman sits at the table eating pancakes, lips quivering.
First meal of pancakes. Gloomy sims be sad.

I love Carman’s look. I think Natasha aged up into the cornrows, but they didn’t really suit her the way they suite Carman. (Carman aged up into the poofy mickey mouse ear hair). Her gloomy personality works well with her artistic tendencies and she picked the violin to perfect like her Uncle Reef did. She’s still working on her aspiration, but she just got an A at school.

Xander reminds me a bit of Bond, something in the eyes perhaps? I’ve been ignoring him a bit in favor of his older siblings, but he’s usually content to play on the computer for hours, or go play on the pirate ship. I try to keep the kids well rounded as they start off so it’s easier to get all the skills to level four, but Xander has been seriously lacking in the creativity department.

Boris at the park, playing the bunny guitar. A crowd of three watch.
First time anyone’s been interested in Boris’s music.

Boris is Boris. With his hot-headed trait, he’s often angry after work and he wakes up angry too. Plus with the kids around, he’s also angry about that. He likes his little brother and sisters, but he just can’t stand being around them. So he’s often at the park, playing for tips on his grandmother Hilary’s guitar. The other day he got his first crowd of admirers, a far cry from his first public performance that just embarrassed him. He has picked up a bit of handiness recently and spent some time helping Austin out in the garden before Austin moved out and the garden moved back into storage. He hasn’t found anyone special yet, but he hasn’t really been looking. He’s a bit too carefree for thinking of serious legacy things.

Coral Pigglewiggle is officially pregnant with baby number 10!

Coral walks home from work, in her first trimester.
Oh…thank god this is the last one!

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    • I’m pretty sure I went insane. Although I look forward to trying it again someday when I’m better at creating characters. I never really spent enough time with any of the kids to get to know them, especially the second half.


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