Casan begins his newest artistic talent, sculpting.

Step 19: A Lingering Sunset

We had to give Cason a youth potion as he neared the end of his first elderhood. He’d only lived for 77 days when we gave him the potion. But we still had two babies to go. He knocked it back with a smile.

Cason drinks his youth potion over breakfast with Coral.
“I know we became young adults at the same time? How come you’re still so young?” “Government secrets, darling.”

He’s been a valuable asset to our legacy. He got his own legacy point for completing both the painter and writer aspirations. He reached the top of the painter career early on, bringing much needed cash to this family.

Late in life he choose the legacy aspiration, so he’s been spending a lot of time his youngest kids, helping them with their homework, reading to them, teaching them about painting.

Bourne, Xander, and Carman do their homework while Cason helps.
The family that homeworks together….Left to Right: Bourne, Xander, Cason, and Carman.

It was pretty clear that he wouldn’t be able to complete this last aspiration since none of the children at home were close to maxing a career. But his points gained the family 7 youth potions. 8 if you count the one he bought and drank.

As we neared the end of his second elderhood, He repainting the entire set of emotional paintings and we hung them in the secret potion room so we won’t sell them by accident. (Also the  card table has been banished to the potion room after witnessing a terribly bug on Pinstar’s legacy where he couldn’t save the game anymore and the card table was to blame).

He and Coral were an adorable couple right to the end, flirting when they thought I wasn’t watching, serenading each other In the kitchen as Coral baked pancakes. And he painted at lot, replacing all the “okay” and “good” paintings in the house to excellent and masterpieces.

Picture of a brown-haired beauty.
Cason painted this masterpiece of his wife.
Red painting with the silhouette of a gorgeous woman.
And this flirty painting of his wife.

Coral bought him a workshop table so he’s taking up carving tiny animals and replaced the dining table and three chairs with creations of his own.

Casan begins his newest artistic talent, sculpting.
I dub thee “rabbit”

But we all knew the end was coming. He saw the birth of little Kim, child number 10 the same day we were notified it was the end of his life. He knew how he wanted to go. Not in old age like everyone else, but in a way that would help the legacy. So he got up on the treadmill and took a run. Then later he and Coral had their one last fling. He was 89 days old.

Woohooing in the bed with hearts and feathers exploding everywhere.
Going out in style
The reaper leaps into the air as Cason's fallen body starts to glow from within.
Caught in mid-reap

All in all, Cason has been a supurb Legacy Spouse. You will be missed.

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    • I think he’ll sneak into the next chapter if only because my timeline’s a bit off and he did pass away after the birth of the 10th child. I’ve seen his ghost a couple times though, hoping he’s not eaten by the ghost monsters too quickly.

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