Coral holds baby Kim on the day of her birth.

Step 20: Kim Pigglewiggle

Bourne studies his hamburger cake, while mom and dad smile and watch.
Party time!

The day of Bourne’s teenager birthday, Coral baked a cake while he was at school. As an A student he probably could have skipped without any issues, but I wouldn’t know what to do with him around the house. When he arrived home his father sang him “Happy Birthday” twice while Coral threw confetti. With two party aspirations, we should always have proper birthday parties, but I was afraid he’d age up before he had a chance to blow out the candles. He decided he wanted to be a master chef when he grew up.

Cason runs into the house, arms flapping, in an excited panic.
omg, omg, omg

The following day was our much anticipated 10th birth. Boy or girl, (perhaps twins?). Right on time, Coral went into labour and for the first time Cason had a total freak out. You’d think he’d be used to births by now. He’s never really freaked out before so I can only assume it was excitement over the last one. Welcome, little Kim Pigglewiggle.

Coral holds baby Kim on the day of her birth.
Hello baby number 10.

So there’s 10 points for 10 kids in a single generation (and perhaps extra credit for no multiple briths?) Bond, Nikita, AJ, Boris, Natasha, Austin, Bourne, Carman, Xander, and Kim. Cason, as you know passed away that night, leaving us with only six sims in the house. Plenty of room for Boris to start his family.

Boris hasn’t shown much interest in starting a family. He’s not rolled any whims or shown much interest in the women or men that I’ve brought around. But the two of us sat down one night and had a long chat about what he wanted out of his life.

Me: Tell me about your childhood.

Boris: Well I’m the fourth of ten. Smack dab in the middle of the pack and there wasn’t much unique about me. Mom and dad were concentrating on having lots of kids, and I was really just a number to them, at least until I aged up. When they realized I was creative, it kind of set my future. I was the heir, but it didn’t really change how they treated me.

Me: Did you want to be heir?

Boris: I wouldn’t have picked that fate for myself really. I saw my brothers and sisters got to leave as soon as they were adults and start their own families, but I wasn’t going to get to do that. I was going to stay home with mom and dad and all the kids.

Me: Is that why you hate children?

Boris: I don’t hate my siblings, but yeah, the noise gets on my nerves. There was always someone hanging around with high-pitched voices and shouting and such. I like people, I’m pretty social, but I’d rather hand out with people my own age, and there just aren’t a lot of young adults around.

Me: So what do you want with your life?

Boris: I want to be a musician. I’ve been studying the guitar for a while and I’m learning the piano. I’d like to live in a big city and do that whole thing, but that won’t happen since cities don’t really exist yet in the game, and I’m the heir, so I can’t move out.

Me: Is there anyone in your life?

Boris: A girl or boyfriend? Maybe. Most of the people I’ve started to look at have had undesirable traits. I don’t think I’m picky, but I’d like someone different from my parents or grandparents so there hasn’t been anyone I’m really serious in, yet.

Is this the future? Boris kisses a mysterious blong woman.

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