Coral's portrait showing that she is very sad.

Step 21: Recovering from Mourning

Coral's portrait showing that she is very sad.
Lost a Love

Coral has been “very sad” since Cason died, but slowly she’s getting over it by immersing herself in her children’s education.

Coral reads a children's book to Carman
And then…then the bear…walked into the, the…

Calling the sadness hotline.

Coral after work, calls the hotline for sadness. It didn't help.
Hello, I’m sad…

But what helped the most was finding new love.

Ghost Cason approaches Coral as she practices her mixology.
Hi Coral.
Coral and Cason hug in greeting.

Or is that old love?

Coral and Cason woohoo.
Success. No more saddness.

Carman aged up into a wonderful young lady. She achieved both an A in school and her creative aspiration not to mention a coupde level of Wiz kid. She’s a gloomy geek who wants to be a joke star. I’m not sure what the random trait generator is doing to me with so many social focused aspirations.

Carman ages up well dressed for once, orange skirt and slouchy sweater.
Fabulous look there.

Xander also aged up with a bit more of a wild exterior. He’s a physically gifted good goofball with the computer geek aspiration (yay! a new one!) so he spends all his time on the computer practicing programming. He was so close to both his aspiration and his A and spent the morning of his birthday on the monkey bars until he reached level 10 before running off to school. Sadly this affected his performance too much to recover from and he didn’t get an A.

Xander taking a deep breath (and a wish) before blowing out his candles.
Blowing out the candles. I seem to have misplaced his post-transformation picture.

Coral aged up into an elder (96 days) and is progressing through elderhood not too fast and not too slow. She’s level 8 mixology, so we still have some hope there. If she reaches level 10 she’ll have all three food skills maxed.

Boris kissing Bailey while Kim smirks in the background.
“Um bro? Whatcha doing?” This is why Boris hates kids.

Boris is taking his responsibilities more seriously. He invited Bailey over (the girl from the household I’d imported for Natasha to befriend). And after a quick romance, she moved in. SHe’s not got a lot of positive traits (Clumsy, Glutton, and Slob), but she and Boris get along pretty well. They’re not starting a family yet, but soon, I hope. Maybe after little Kim grows up.

Quick snap of Bailey in her green dress daily outfit and her hair down. Smiling, a little creepily.
She’s got good fashion sense.

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  1. Oh, another gloomy joke star! I love that combination! And Bailey is very pretty for clumsy, slobby, glutton! Boris loves her, and that’s what counts!

    (Oh, and I meant to say on Chapter 20, that I really enjoyed the interview with Boris!)


  2. I’m not sure my gloomy joke star is anything like the royal Llama tamer! Bailey isn’t normally a look I’d go for, but it worked for Boris, so that’s what matters.

    And thanks, I was getting a bit tired of my top-down god-approach to the posts. I’m working on finding the right voice for the second half of this legacy.


    • I like the name, but Bailey the sim sadly never endeared herself to me. Although now you’ve me Carman! The great grandmother of Penelope. Carman is an awesome sim in my opinion. The clumsy trait however is still strong.


  3. Ooh! It’s all coming together. Carman looks like a very interesting sim, the I’m thinking a gloomy joke star must equal a lot of black humour…

    Liked by 1 person

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