Dark book on a pedestal deep within the nightmare realm, lined on either side by books.

3PT 9: Taking Out Miraak

“In which Leona travels once more in to Hermaeus’s nightmare realm.”

Dark book on a pedestal deep within the nightmare realm, lined on either side by books.

It was time to talk to the Skaal about Hermaeus Mora’s offer, heading back north we cleared the final Beast stone and talked to the displaced owners of the Mead hall helping them retake the hall from the Rieklings that had taken over.

I did not look forward to talking to Storn about the daedric god’s offer. If the Skaal have been keeping secrets from Hermaeus, I don’t think they’d choose to give it up now. But I was wrong. When Storn learned it was the only way I could get the final shout needed to defeat Miraak, he said that the tales also spoke of a time when Hermaeus would learn the secrets.

Storn is impaled on Hermaeus's tenticles "At last the Skaal yield up their secrets to me"

Storn very bravely read the book I brought with him and that summoned Hermaeus. I’m not sure I did the right thing here. I wonder if there was another way? But Hermaeus was true to his word and gave me the final word of the shout I needed to bend a dragon’s will to me and Storn died. Frea very respectfully told me to get out and defeat Miraak so his death wouldn’t be in vain.

Borgakh and I quickly left the Skaal town and returned to Solstheim to prepare for my final journey into Hermaeus’s realm. There I gathered my strength and told Borgakh to be alert for my return, and opened the final book.

Leona reads the final books and the world blurs as she travels to the daedra's realm.

Hermaeus’s realm is always terrifying, but it seemed no worst than previous, the seekers and lurkers were not a challenge to me as I roamed the twisted halls looking for Miraak. At the end of my journey I met Sohrotaar, a black dragon who took me to where Miraak was waiting for me. I’m not surprised he knew I was coming.

Leona's rides on the back of the dragon. "Beware. Miraak is strong. He knew you would come here."

My strength, I think, surprised him. Although I was not much changed from when he first met me, I now understood Hermaeus’s lands and this realm was not as terrifying as it had been. Sahrotaar fought his two tamed dragons while I faced Miraak.

The dragons fell, even Sahrotaar – but I’m not sure how I feel about having a magically tamed dragon at my beck and call. I don’t think that I could trust such an alliance. Miraak died, not by my hand but by Hermaeus. Hermaeus claims that I now serve him and he had no more need of Miraak. I don’t feel any chains on my soul. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m doomed to live in the nightmare realms after my death. I shall have to keep vigilant against his treachery.

Hermaeus impales Miraak. "Did you think to escape me, Miraak? You can hide nothing from me here."

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