Close up of Bailey's face as she stands over the bassinet.

Step 22: Playing Catch-up

Bailey and Boris got married one sunny summer day (aren’t they all) at the new wedding arch in Oasis Landing’s park. There was a great turnout.

Boris and Bailey exchange vows under the simple arch in the desert part wedding area.

Soon after Bailey got the good news that she was expecting. Coral spent most of her time at home creating exotic drinks on the patio. At long last she created perfection. Coral admires her pink cocktail.

But as we all knew the end would be soon for Coral. Boris pleaded with Grim (the first time I’ve tried that) to let her live long enough to see her first grandchild, but he didn’t think it was a good idea and Coral said she’d see enough babies in her lifetime.

Boris kneels before Grim in the kitchen, pleading for Coral's life.

Bailey finally decided to go into labor a few hours later. Bringing in out potential generation 5 heir, a little bouncing baby girl. Boris decided to name her Dylan.

Close up of Bailey's face as she stands over the bassinet.

Xander aged up and he and his sister decided to move out of the house even though Kim was still a teenager. The house was pretty focused on the next generation and they figured they’d have a better chance outside the mansion.

Carman found a hunky blond herself, but she didn’t feel like moving out when Xander and Kim did. So Topher moved in. (Yes he’s another, like Bailey, from the Legacy Teens sims that I grabbed for Natasha to befriend.)

Topher, blond swishy haired and muscular, stands in the kitchen eating breakfast.

Of course, this means Carman is expecting as well. So we’ll be having a cadet family in the main house. (Poor Boris although I don’t expect nearly as many kids this generation).Carman was quite large in the third trimester.


Legacy Score: 45

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