When Posting Fails

my yellow robot minecraft skin with christmas boots and a hat.So, that was a bit of a failed plan. I’ve not touched Sims or Skyrim in over two weeks, all my energy has been going to Takenoko. Only one small issue, it’s going towards a holiday build which cannot be revealed. I’m finished with my part, but I don’t want to share it until it’s officially released. Let’s just say that it’s a pretty cool build, has room for improvement, and is historically significant to my family…is that vague enough?

I have been working on some other Takenoko stuff as well, but I don’t have the screenshots yet. We had an update recently with a lot more foodstuff and some really nice block modifiers. We also lost our portal connections between our countries and so created a nether-based system to visit each other that means that I’ve spent a lot more time making my nether look nice. So I’ll grab some shots when I get off work. So here’s what I’ll try to get out this week.

  1. A Sims post – honestly I’ll try. I want you all to meet the newest baby.
  2. Takenoko Nether Post: The Tower and Bee Cafe.
  3. Takenoko Farms – Hopefully the plants will have time to multiply in time.

Lastly, I made my minecraft robot a holiday skin!

Your two cents,

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