Tower and Hive

Tragedy struck the little country of Takenoko the other day, and this time it wasn’t mobs or earthquakes, but a disaster of unprescendented magnitude….(server update). The great wizard had made magical portal between Takenoko and all the other countries in the land and her magic had suddenly failed, stranding people between lands or locking them into their countries.

But the folks of the District do not give up so easily. The instantaneous travel that they had all become accustomed to might be gone, but neighbors and alliances once made, cannot be unmade. And so the people banded together to create the “Nether Highway.”

Sign pointing down a seemingly endless hallways in the nether.
This way to the Nether Hub.

It was a dangerous time, many lives were lost, repeatedly. The Nether was now filled with “surface mobs” like creepers and spiders and even worse the wither skeletons appeared to have multiplied in the face of the calamity. But slowly several countries dug out and up. Up high in the nether, where the mobs were scarce and where the highway could run safe from ghast blasts. And they met other countries digging across the vast spaces. Eventually those countries who could, met in the middle and suddenly travel could occur again between the lands. Albeit slightly slower than instantaneous. (There are thousands of blocks between some of the countries.)

Takenoko sits in the very north of The District so it’s the end of the line for the Nether Highway. At first a tiny rickety stair was built down from the highway to the portal back to Takenoko proper, but it was not safe. A tower was built to encase the stair and give visitors a safe haven and resting spot before they arrived in Takenoko.

Large netherbrick and cobblestone-edged tower from the ground to the ceiling with a fountain of lava down  one side.
Everything look more impressive with lava.

Once people could travel again, the regular trade of experience and ideas began to flow between the countries as they had in the past. Takenoko petitioned for and received the knowledge, experience, and funding for it’s own Bee Hive Cafe!

Doors open to reveal the hollowed out hive with cafe.
Welcome to the Bees Knees Bee Hive Cafe.

Have you never heard of a Bee Hive Cafe? Perhaps you’ve not had a chance to sit and relax sipping tea and honey and eating honey buns and honey candies under the warm glow of wax candles?

The origin of the Bee Hive Cafe is well know. The people of Miridia are known for their industry, epic builds, and boundless imagination. Where others saw the nether hives as places of terror and fear, Miridians saw opportunity. The hive’s distinctive shape and color makes them easy to find and once you get ride of the person-sized bees… The Miridians saw it all as potential and created the very first Bee Hive Cafe.

The interior of the hollowed hive, sports tables, chairs, and all the honey you can consume.
Fine Dining at the Hive Cafe

Takenoko is the home of the fourth Hive Cafe: The Bees Knees. A lovely little place, overlooking a vast lava lake, dangerout netherock landscapes and the fallen bones of forgotten beasts. The views are simply epic, and the cafe quite safe from all mobs. In the far distance, across the lava lake, you can see an unsullied Bee Hive just waiting to become another cafe…someday.

Across the lake of lava a natural bee hive sits on a netherrack island.
Another Bee Hive Cafe?


Takenoko is located on AKiss4Luck’s minecraft server: The District! Check out her YouTube videos at: or her Twitch Channel at:


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