Long blond hair, simple bangs, and dark eyes.

Step 23: Modern Times

“Each of us has his own special gift and you know this was meant to be true. And if you don’t under estimate me, I won’t under estimate you” ~Dylan

Dylan, in her pink and blue pjs, stands near Sting's bassent looking kind of disinterested.

‘Sup! My name is Dylan Pigglewiggle and I’m the heir for the fifth generation of this legacy thingy. Perhaps you’ve heard of my dad, Boris? He’s a big shot musician so you’ve probably heard him play? He wrote Blue Butterfly Babe, that was about me! Oh him? Behind me is my baby brother, Sting. I’m not sure what to think about him yet, he’s not very interesting.

Mom kept going on and on about a “spare” and how she’s heard of lots of legacies failing because they didn’t have one. Dad has 9 brothers and sisters so he’s not really into having a big family. He was  happy with it being just me, but mom finally wore him down and now I’ve got a brother. But he can’t be the heir and I’m pretty sure dad put his food down about having FOUR kids in the house.

“What does a fish say when it hits a wall?”

Why four? Well my Aunt Carmen and Uncle Topher live with us and my cousin Mo. I really like them and I’m glad they didn’t move away. My other aunts and uncles (remember 9 siblings!) come and visit a lot, but I don’t know them as well. Aunt Carmen is super funny, she’s always telling jokes and can find a way to tell any story in a way that makes you roll on the floor with laughter. Now that there’s three kids she say we’re her three stooges and she never has problem finding materials when we’re around.

Topher found dancing at night outside near his gardens.
Grooving to the midnight beat.

Uncle Topher is super cool as well. He doesn’t work and so he’s always doing things around the house and in his garden outside, but secretly – he wants to be a dancer. He’s always turning on the music and dancing when he thinks no one is listening and sometimes when he know we are. Topher and Carmen live in the annex house, but Mo sleeps down the hall from me.

Dylan with a goofy grin on her face, standing outside the house.
This is me, when I learned I got officially awarded Wiz Kid!

You want to know about me? Well, I’m good at solving puzzles and doing things, a regular Wiz Kid you might say. (Dad says I’m the first Pigglewiggle to get the Wiz Kid award!) I had to pull a couple all-nighters to make all the potions and stuff. My parents weren’t too keen on me using those “sleep replacements.” They say there isn’t a lot of studies about their “long-term affects” and they think it might stunt my growth. Dad said there’s a lot of short “Wonder Kids” running around who drank only sleep replacements growing up because of some government program. I haven’t met any of theses Wonder kids and I’m not sure I really believe what my parents say. I’m still taller than my cousin Mo.

Mo stands in front of Sting's bassinet telling a story.
Mo likes Sting a lot more than I do.

Mo wants to be an artist, I think. He’s always drawing and drawing. I did some of that, but it wasn’t as fun as experimenting with potions. Once I blew up the table when I mixed flamerion and woodus together. How was I to know they’d catch fire unless I tried it out? I wasn’t hurt, but my mom wasn’t amused. I think that was when she started going on about the “spare.”

Dylan in front of her cake ready to blow out the candles, nearby Aunt Natasha blows a horn to celebrate.
“I wish…”

My birthday’s coming up this weekend. I’m not sure what I want to do, right now I’m thinking astronaut, or maybe a secret agent like my grandmother Coral was cuz both of those jobs are “night jobs” and I’m a night owl. (Space is like permanently night, right?). But that’s a ways away, I still have to get through high school, and since I’m the heir, mom says I’m going to have to have a kid quick so the legacy can keep going, maybe I should just romance everyone.

Legacy Score: 47

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    • She is my first really favorite sim. I learned here that telling the story form the sims perspective means I understand the sim even better. And that I appreciate them more. I’ll be doing this more and more as the gelatinous progress.


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