Dylan sits at the chess table, waiting for an opponent.

Step 24: The Times They are A-Changing

“Your sons and your daughters / Are beyond your command / Your old road is /Rapidly agin'” ~Dylan

Lots of changes in our house. My birthday was a silver success and mom let me dye my hair for the first day of high school. Like it?

Dylan sits at the chess table, waiting for an opponent.
New hairdo, same habits.

Mom said I was the youngest Pigglewiggle ever to achiever her first aspiration. I did it on day 1 of teenagerhood. But I’ll admit it wasn’t really a challenge. Mansion Barron at generation five?! Have you seen our house? All it took was buying a rocket ship to raise our worth to $350,000 and I can move on to less randomly generated aspirations. I’m going to focus on me now and see what I can learn.

Dylan stands in front of her newly bought robot, thinking about space.
Space….the final frontier.

Mo had his birthday and decided he wanted to be a chef and has been studying like mad. I think it’s working cuz yesterday he and dad threw a dinner party and it was a huge success. First Pigglewiggle dinner party ever. We all wore our most festive gear, although I spend most of the party working on my rocket. That rocket and I are going places (someday).

Dinner table (filled with family and friends) and the everyone else around the kitchen counter.
Everyone came to our holiday house party.

Sting’s turned out to be a pretty cool brother, we played a lot of chess and I taught him everything I know about the potions table (except the woodus and flamerion – that he had to figure out on his own). It’s a lot more frightening when it’s not you setting the house on fire.

Topher wields an extingusihers while Dylan looks on vaguely gleefully.
Topher to the rescue!

Uncle Topher has been working like crazy in his garden, he keeps muttering about cross breeding and cows. I’m not sure what he has planned and I’m not sure I want to know. Aunt Carmen says it’s good to see him interested in science and not just sports and dance (although we still catching dancing now and again).

A series of snapshots of Topher, dancing to the music.
Caught in the Act

It’s three more days until my adult birthday. Then this legacy will truly be mine. We might need to change the house again, not because anythings wrong with it, but more cuz it’s a bit stale and out of date, it’s sooo third generation.

Legacy Score: 48

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