Raerei stands in the living room looking kind of sly.

Day 1 Report: FIRE!!!

Rae –
If I didn’t know better, I ‘d say you were trying to kill us. Meadow caught the stove on fire!!! Don’t worry, we’re all okay, just pretty shook up. But I jump ahead and you wanted to know what was going on for this “hands off” challenge. You know, see how Sims behave in the wild. Well the bus dropped us all off early in the morning and the house you picked out is pretty sweat. Cleo did complain that her room was the smallest, but with her work schedule, she’s never going be home anyway.

We chatted a bit and everyone did wonder why they were selected – I didn’t say anything. As far as they know I’m just like them. We’re getting along fairly well. At least no major personality conflicts yet. Arthur and Keri are not married and Keri is quite a bit older than the rest of us, she’s always pregnant. That didn’t surprise me, know your stance on sim babies, but the rest are a bit concerned with their ability to care for the kid. Arthur’s the second generation spare from the legacy challenge, but he’s glad to be out on his own now with a chance to prove himself.

Shannon and Robin (from your Big Happy Family story) are excited to try again and show their stuff although personally, I’m not sure how different they’ll be than when you played them before, but who am I to question you? You wanted to give all these sims a second (or first) chance to have their own adventures and I agree that Big Happy was a bit unending for a story. They’ve both picked up their original careers since they match their aspirations, cooking and tech guru.

Of course there’s myself and my sister Meadow and I fully agree that NOT controlling your sim sister is probably the best idea when she lives in the same house as you. At least she’s never set your house on fire. And I think Cleo will really shine here, she was never happy in her first incarnation – tied to a man half her age – at least that what she says. But can we really ever understand these previous incarnations? It’s not like this Cleo was ever in that relationship. But the memories linger. I know I had a flash of deja vu when Meadow set the kitchen on fire. Pretty sure she did the same back in our first game. It felt really weird watching things repeat themselves.

Attached are the picts you wanted!


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Thanks to CathyTea for providing the rules to this challenge: https://cathytea.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/hfh-the-roomies-challengeexperience-guidelines/. Her House Full of Hippies is very entertaining. And thanks to Cnyintain for your build of the Chinese Courtyard Dwellin on the Gallery. I used the bones to create this house. (Although I’m not sure you’d recognize it!

Your two cents,

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