Top down map of the colony early on.

A Look at RimWorld

It’s like Dwarf Fortress and Prison Architect had a wonderful baby, just without dwarves. Basically you start with 3 humans who crash land on a planet and try to survive. Actually you may be trying to get off the planet…but who knows.

I started with 3 intrepid colonists: Mole, Sleepy, and Chops. They all get back stories, Mole grew up in an underground community and has my highest social skill (8). She also does most of my mining, and doesn’t fight (my choice more than hers, but her skill is rather low). Sleepy was a housewife and spends a lot of time keeping the compound clean and cooking. Although Chops also cooks, he’s more adventurous and is the hunter in the group.

Top down map of the colony early on.
Original colony, simple main house, storage, and solar power.

I started with the simple bedroom so no one would have to sleep outside, while worked on planning and gathering all my resources. (The screenshot key is different from what the wiki says (F10 instead of F11), so I only got these two images. By this point, we have the full “building” complete with kitchen, dining area and computer desk. Plus battery for the solar power to run at night. We’ve started in on the defenses (there’s a turret behind each sand bag entrance). And Sleepy and Mole are working on the walls. Mole lost her clothes quite early on, and made us prioritize a bit of tailoring early on. You can see too that I’m planning to dig into the nearby hill for safety.

I’m playing on “casual” cuz I’m a wus, and so far I think my biggest attack has been three people at once. All have been repelled quite quickly and we’ve gotten a couple new recruits for our trouble. So far I’m finding the interface pretty workable (though compared to dwarf fortress, what isn’t?), I’d love the shortcut keys to be global so that “o” would always be hunting even if I’m off in another menu. But I’m pretty sure that I’m missing the true power of the shortcuts right now. The help text was also semi useful, but even better are little alerts off to the side that mention when “a building is not powered” for instance.

Toptown map now includes all mountain rooms, and geothermal power.
Late Summer at the newly named “Doomed Colony”

Fall is now coming and that means winter too. Everyone has moved into the mountainside for their bedrooms, cooking and eating has (almost) moved inside, and we’re now using our nearby geothermal vent for power. Three new “recruits” have added. Squirrel was our first and he’s responsible for 90% of all our research (so we could have the geothermal power and hospital bed). Vasquez was next and he’s been hard at work with the gardening. He’s kind of a back up everything (back up surgeon, back up hunter). Most recently an escape pod landed very nearby and Shonja joined us. So far she’s proved her worth by pulling Sleepy who got hit by the psychic drone that had landed and bring her back to base.

I will be playing much more of this game, hopefully not until 5am like last night…but I must give my thanks to Quill18 for making some lovely Let’s Plays of this on Youtube. And of course, if you’re interested this game can be found at the game’s official website it’s still in Alpha so I see lots of future changes coming that will improve this already pretty great game.


    • My blog was named Raerei’s “Fortress” after games like this. I had assumed I’d be playing lots of fortress building games, since I love them so much and they often need a bit more story to keep folks engaged. I still hope to get more of these games in my rotation – but, sims…

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