Focus on the tree on the stage.

A Winterfrost Carol

Simple box office outside of the theater.
Welcome to the theater

This year, Makuroshi City is celebrating Winterfrost with a showing of the classic play “A Winterfrost Carol” to play at the newly opened Guthrie Stage.

This thrust stage allows visitors to watch the action in 180 degrees around the stage. There are no poor seats in this house which seats over 400. The play, which has already been heralded as a major success, is showing for the entire month of January at 7:30pm Monday-Thursday and at 2pm and 6pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Tickets are 1 gold ingot, discounts available at the box office.

Stage from the back of the theater, seats are empty but the stage is filled.
Dress Rehearsal for the big night.
Stage from the balcony.
View from above
Close up on the stage and the sign which reads: Welcome to Fezzywig's Party"
The party’s started.

The theater recently debuted in AKiss4Luck’s Winterfrost special on Youttube. (It appears at 3:45) – but the rest of the video is awesome so check it out!


Takenoko is located on AKiss4Luck’s minecraft server: The District! Check out her YouTube videos at: or her Twitch Channel at:

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