Step 25: Saved

“Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it’s like they didn’t fade away at all.”

Boris falls to the flow slowly, with glowing lights as old age catches up on him.
“I feel….faint….”

So, what’s been happening you ask? A lot. Sting aged up. We shared a birthday and successfully did two gold birthday parties in a row. Sting reminds me of dad a bit, now that he’s older. Oh, yeah, Dad passed away when he was still just a kid. He and Topher were watching TV together one night and he just keeled over. Mom was really shooken up about it. She begged the Grim Reaper, but he refused. She started wearing black a lot and stopped caring about much else.

Bailey kneels in front of grim, pleading in vain.
Who could say no to this face? The Grim, apparently.

Sting decided he wanted to be a friend of the world which fits his cheerful personality. He achieved both Wiz Kid and Rambunctious Scamp. I fear he’ll take over the world if we’re not careful. And we won’t care cuz he’s so friendly. Mo’s been gung ho about his cooking plans. He’s put himself in charge off all food maxing his cooking and getting quite a bit of gourmet cooking before he started working. (Now that he’s working he’s not been as on the ball about cooking for us). We all got quite a fright when on his first day of work, Mo got up early and still almost missed his first day, he was dragging. None of us saw it, but he got eaten by the Cow Plant! Didn’t realize how dangerous that plant was.

A tiny cow plant pokes out of the ground. Adorable horns and all.
They’re cute when they’re little.

So yeah, Uncle Topher got his cow plant at last, he grafted snapdragons on his dragonfruit and the new plant produced cow berries as well. Cut little things, and they’re a bit chewy. He planted one and a few days later we had this huge creature. Mo said he might have been a bit over confident and teasing the creature. Topher’s garden is getting pretty close to complete. The other day we all went out to Oasis Spring to look for cherries, blackberries, and tulips. Sting’s kind of been Topher’s apprentice and gardening.

Sting is playing "snap jaws" with the cowplant.
Sting says the cow plant is pretty nice. I just can’t trust anything that lures you with cake.

Boris and grandma Coral have been coming around a lot recently at night. It’s kind of cool getting to know your anscestors even if it’s only late at night. But Mom went funny soon after she saw Boris’ ghost, we’re not really sure what happened cuz she was still rather young. Aunt Carmen says she wasn’t happy being old, and really missed dad. I think it was an overdose, she was acting funny for days before hand.

(Sidenote: Getting Bailey to die of hysteria was very difficult! It took three days of constant jokes from Carmen include the “funniest joke in the world,” gummy pancakes and bubble baths to succeed. In the end I locked her in a tiny bathroom with all the my sims active, two playful paintings (one at 9 and one at 4) and alternated between watching comedies and bubble baths with a constant supply of happy potions. Eventually Grim came. I’ve never felt so evil.)

Carmen and Bailey speak (in the playful death room I made) to give Bailey one last "funniest joke ever" moodlet.
Carmen was the last person who saw Bailey.

I’m working now that I’m an adult, I took a brief job as a cook, but it didn’t work out. No matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t do a good enough job. It was pretty miserable so eventually I called them up and quit. I got a new job the very next day. I’m working as an technician at SASA (Sims Aeronautics Space Agency) where I’m learning lots of how to improve my own rocket. I still haven’t flown it, but I can’t. Not until we have at least the hint of an heir, I’m not going down as the sim who ended the legacy by being careless. So the spouse hunt is on.

Dylan applies a wrench to the side of the rocketship.
This is how I spend most of my days. My rocket’s going to be perfect for it’s maiden voyage.

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