Doomed Colony: Fire and Beetles

August began with our first crypto sleep pod opening. Far to the North was  a solo pod that seemed like six folks could opened. So after everyone had woken up we trudged out there and set up guard. Poorly. Two were unable to see the enemy and therefore unable to shoot and Chops got caught in the middle of it all which meant not so friendly fire. The inhabitant of the pod was dead on opening and the reason for that was several scarab beetles that were definitely alive and kicking. They incapacitated 3 out of the 6 folks who were then dragged back to safety. The beetles were killed by the remaining two.

Close of of an unpowered sleep pd with clothes and blood strewn about.
Remains of the first sleep pod opening.

Then just as healing began there was an earth shattering boom. It was not, as a friend pointed out, the batteries exploding in the wooding building I’d put them in, but it was an electric short just outside the building. Everyone dropped the healing and ran to the newly spreading fire.

A fire starts just ouside the wooden house I'd initially build, the one that holds the hospital...That was going well enough until I realized that I needed to guide the fire frighting efforts as they were going for the middle of the fire, not the part now spreading to the house. You know the one with three passed out injured folks that couldn’t save themselves. It took a while until the fire was finally away from the house, Sleepy was then able to heal the injured, and the rest eat and recover. At least no one attacked us in the middle of it all.

The fire spreads to the computer room.
Perhaps wood was poor choice of materials for the hospital.


The fire didn’t fully go out until it finally rained.

Rain extinguishes the few remaining embers.

That was the most excitement the doomed colony experienced. Autumn has now arrived and things are turning colder, The Rabid Raccoon sent several unsuccessful raiding parties. Prisoners were taken, healed, and released back into the wild (none were worth keeping with winter coming). The Rabid Raccoons no longer hate our guts! Planning has been done on how to incorporate the second mountain into our complex. I’m thinking of planting fields in between and making this center area the focus of the settlement.Zoomed out view that includes the current settlement (mountain rooms and a wooden structure) and the new build (larger mountain to the South). Walls encompass the open area between the mountains.



  1. Glad you’re enjoying it!
    I’m interested on how long they can survive. I’ve watched some others play and they seem to be crushed under mechinoids pretty quickly and of course, winter is coming.


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