Close up the hydroponics, a large room carved into a mountain with 7 tables filled with plants in various states of growth. With room to have six more tables.

Doomed Colony: Preparing for Winter

Winter has come to the Doomed Colony, we got the announcement along with the first snowflakes. Autumn had been a time of expansion. Once hydroponics was researched, it was time to get the southern wing started so we could have fresh veggies all winter. As well as starting to make our little camp home, it the small details that matter, wood floors and flower pots in every room. Vaquez is in heaven with all those plants to tend.

Close up the hydroponics, a large room carved into a mountain with 7 tables filled with plants in various states of growth. With room to have six more tables.
Vasquez’s home away from home.

Some careless planning had everyone working to put out a fire near some turrets which then exploded. Mole was in bed for days with a high fever when infection set into her right arm. There has been a distinct lack of medicine as our colony appears to be out of the way for most traders and our first crop of herbals from the hydroponics was destroyed when the turret also took out all the power lines to the southern wing. It took days to repair.

Squirrel, Vasquez, and Sleepy hunting muffalo (white buffalo) and carrying the corpses home.
Future muffalo parkas.

Chops spend most of the autumn hunting deer and muffalo and making parkas for everyone. The jackets are rated to -15C, but without knowing how cold our winters will be, it feels best to be prepared. Those who roam far from home have already equipped their parkas and we’re hoping that dressers will be added so that jackets and other clothes could be stored in rooms.

Everyone else has been working on our storage setup as we’re working out what our optimal setup and priority would be. Finished goods should be stored near the beacon, but blocks and wood? They were taking up far too much of our trading space and the time spent hauling things across the map was starting to get excessive, or not hauling at all which was the case when the current storage filled up.

Overview of the full colony from the top to the new Southern wing.

We are all looking forward to opening the next set of cryrosleep chambers, this time with a bit more turrets. The one in the south is looking tempting. The only debate left is if this is a good idea to do in the winter? We’re definitely waiting until we have medicine again, but there’s plenty of raw and cooked food so we don’t think food will be an issue. Mole and Sonja may be working on the next set of bedrooms soon in the hopes that there are folks to save inside those caskets.

Current Colonists: Year 1, December. Day XX.

  • Mole: Digger and builder. (Original colonist)
  • Chops: Crafter and hunter. (Original colonist)
  • Sleepy: Doctor and cook. (Original colonist)
  • Squirrel: Research and art. (Captured)
  • Vaquez: Growing and hunter. (Captured)
  • Sonja: Warden and digger. (Escape Pod)
  • Cambo : Prisoner. (Captured)

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