Alabaster Farms

Alabaster Farms

Until recently, the residents at the Wizards Tower in Takenoko, were living off bread, potatoes, and carrots with the occasional melon slice. A poor diet, even when supplemented by beef or monster jerky. But recent technological advances (aka server update and new mods!) mean that a plethora of foodstuffs are now available.


The farmers scrambled to till and prep enough soil to hold the new bounty and plans for a greenhouse were developed. This new space was named the Alabaster Gardens and it has a field for every type of food available.

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Others hurried out to the single patch of grass outside the Wizards Tower and using the wizards’ special bone meal, were able to grow and harvest all but 9 of the available seed types from that tiny patch of ground. Trade negotiations were already under way with the distant country of Miridia to get the remaining 9 seed types. Fir saplings will be delivered in thanks, shortly.

On another agricultural note, Takenoko has finally discovered how to grow redwood trees and the Redwood Tree Lake was christened when the first sapling finally grew into a mighty redwood tree. The lake is located just east of the Tree Sanctuary were all the other trees are growing nicely.


Takenoko is located on AKiss4Luck’s minecraft server: The District! Check out her YouTube videos at: or her Twitch Channel at:

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