Cocoa and Galaxy play together on the monkey bars.

Step 29: Status Quo

Nebula was born early in the morning. I was the only one awake, working out before I had to go to work. I was not looking forward to squeezing into my space suit for the day and Nebula was tired of it as well. She arrived just in time for a quick cuddle before I was out the door. I left her in the capable hands of Mo.

Mo feeds Nebula outside near the apple tree.
Tending the gardens

Mo is completely awesome, he works harder in Topher’s garden than anyone else, possibly because he’s the only one around during the day. He brings the infant outside with him so he can keep an eye on her and goes about his business.  Then just before the kids come home from  school, he’ll set them up in the living room for movie watching times. The girls adore him.

Cocoa and Galaxy play together on the monkey bars.
Working hard on the scamp badges.

Cocoa and Galaxy could be found on the monkey bars, day or night. Now that the requirements are relaxed, they’re both confident they can get their “scamp badge” without all the crazy antics we older sims had to do. Cocoa already has his A in school, although Galaxy is still struggling to get above a “C.” Goofing off in class probably doesn’t help.

Mo and Toby help Galaxy and Cocoa with their homework at the kitchen table.
Memories in the making.

Everyone pitches in to help the kids study though. The other night I was having a late night snack and came down to find both Mo and Toby helping the kids. I was suddenly reminded of grandpa Cason doing the same for Mo and me. It felt right, having kids in the house again. It’s kind of empty without them. With Nebula born we all got into a daily rhythm doing the things we loved, working to achieve our goals.

Tody contemplates his impressionistic landscape.
Artist in residence

Cocoa got his scamp badge and turned his eyes on art. He and Toby are often in the artist’s loft painting and listening to holiday music and I have no doubt he’ll be proudly displaying his art badge and making his cousin jealous.

Cocoa sits at the kid's art table painting a rainbow.
A quiet corner for concentrating on art.

After Nebula I quickly got pregnant again, not so much becuase I want another child, or that my daughters aren’t perfect, but the rules clearly state that I must leave this legacy to my son. This last pregnancy was a doozy. I was tired all the time, and even almost missed work. It’s like the more children I have, the less able to cope I become.

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    • They ended up perfect for this generation I think. It’s fun to give sims names you’d never give a real person. And I’m always surprised that they manage to fit whatever name you give them. (Although Cocoa was originally Chocolate, but that didn’t fit right).

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