This morning I woke up first to help get the girls ready for school. I’m not working today and I wanted to give Dylan more time to rest. I can always take a nap later.

Three sisters at the kitchen table before school.
Nova (pink), Nebula (purple), and Galaxy (blue).

The girls are a talkative bunch and they jabbered away while I feed and tended to Meteor. All of them are working on their social badges, Nebula because that’s what she wanted, Galaxy because she hates to lose to anyone, and Nova I think because it’s what her older sisters are doing and she wants to fit in.

Once the girls were off, and Meteor sleeping, Dylan stumbled down the stairs and out the door, almost late for work. I watched some Tv while I ate cereal. I miss Mo’s eggs scramble but Dylan’s cooking is improving. Then, with an ear out for Meteor, I worked in the garden.

Toby weeds the garden.
All day, everyday.

I do like working outside, but I wish Uncle Topher hadn’t left such a chore for us. It takes most the day to care for and then the next day we have to start all over. I haven’t had a chance to work much on my art, although when I do, it’s looking better and better.

Small framed portrait of a dark haired woman above the bathroom's sink.
First Masterpiece

I don’t regret signing up for this legacy thing at all, but sometimes when the wind blows just right, and you can hear the hollow ring from the cow plant skeleton’s bell, I wonder what life would have been like if it was just me and the wind and a paint brush.

Toby paints on the balcony. A landscape perhaps?
The trick is capturing the reality behind what you see.

I think I’d be lonely.

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