Craft the World Checkin

So I won’t say I’ve been playing this game consistently for the past year (previous post: Craft all the things!), but it remains fun when I remember to play it. I find I play it for a day or two and then get distracted and play something else for a while. I did play 40 hours between when I found it and mid-May so it was an intense couple of weeks. I’ve gone back and found some screenshots of the game I played the longest. Got up to level 11.

Two floor building around the stockpile. Level 7.
Just added the second level to teh house (most of the bed are below)
Level 11. View of the tower (four stories high) and the basement levels with the workshops and additional bedrooms.
Tower to the sky – and it goes down to lava below.
Level 11. Lower four floors (or so) that includes an indoor pond.
Lower Levels, worshops, fishing pond, kitchen and bedrooms.

Last week, I downloaded the iPad add for this and spent a couple days working on the fortress. I got past the first major attack and just got up to level 7.

Close up of the stockpile, with two stone walls and dirt roof, but no back wall.
Starting to build the house.

Full view of the fortress, lots of dirt bedrooms capped off by a tiny dirt house  on the top.

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