Nebula: I ended up waking up before anyone else today, except Meteor, but he’s usually sleeping.

Nebula plays with baby Meteor in his crib.
Who’s the future heir of this house? You are!

Galaxy: That’s because we were up late so we could meet grandpa Cason late night.

Nebula: Did you meet him?

Galaxy: Yes. He laughed at all my jokes. But we didn’t sleep in that late. It’s not like we had school.

Nebula: It felt like forever. I wanted to meet the new neighbor kids.

Galaxy: We all did. Although you spent most of the time talking to their mom.

A full table of new children and Galaxy and Nebula making new friends. Not shown, but present is Nova.
Hanging out with the neighbor kids.

Nebula: Caretaker. Ms. Martha’s cool, plus I figured if she like us, she’d be more willing to let everyone come over from time to time.

Nova: I’m glad you invited Cocoa to come with us. I haven’t seen him since I started school.

Nebula: Oh yeah, where’d he run off to? I don’t remember seeing him after we arrived.

Galaxy: Upstairs, I saw him on the computer with Chase playing blickblock. Speaking of Chase….

Nebula: Oh no, he’s a friend. I don’t like him that way.

Galaxy: Oh? You perfer Jaxon? Isn’t he… a bit odd?

Nova: He’s a hot dog boy!

Nebula: Shut up you two. It’s not like that. Plus you invited him over later that afternoon.

The girls talk to all the neighbor children on their front porch.
Eventually we’ll all go inside.

Nova: I invited everyone I’d met.

Galaxy: So are you and Anika best friends now?

Nova: Best friends forever. We’re going to make a waterfall at school on Monday. And unlike some sisters I could name, we’ve figured out how not to get caught.

Nova and x chat
I’m thinking, if we first (whisper whisper). Yes! You’re a genius.

Nebula: Unlike your aborted food fight?

Nova: I didn’t expect the hall monitor to be behind me. You two could have said something instead of laughing.

Galaxy: Your face was priceless. We’ll I’ve got to go upstairs and start practicing if I’m going to get this third badge in the next two days.

Nebula: Ask dad to help, he’s an artist already so he probably has some good pointers. I’ll be outside, Chase and I want to get the scamp badge before the week’s out.

Nova: Hey, don’t leave me with Meteor? What if he starts crying?

Galaxy: Tickle his toes, he like that.

Nova: Hmph. Hurry up and grow up, bro. I need backup with those two.

Meteor: Gah.

Note: New neighbors in thanks to Keiyalol’s “Legacy Children” household!



Meteor becomes a child
Two Days Later…

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