Day in the Life: Dylan


I thought three girls was bad enough. I think they invited all the neighbor kids over yesterday. Our house was crawling with them. I made pancakes for everyone and they turned out pretty well. I think I’ll try Mo’s egg scramble recipe. I haven’t set anything on fire yet, and the girls loved egg scramble.

The girls talk to all the neighbor children on their front porch.
Pretty sure there are some extras around here.

I made a conscious effort to meet all the neighbor kids. At least so I could put names to faces. I have a feeling they’ll be over a lot. I haven’t met Martha yet, but I am impressed with how well behaved they are. Even so, I’m starting to understand why my dad was so anti-kid growing up with 10 brothers and sisters. The noise levels!

Toby and I retreated to the gardens for most of the day. There’s always work to be done there, watering, weeding, spraying for bugs. And then once we’re done, it’s time to restart the cycle. On the plus side, I can sneak off and continue upgrading my rocket. I finally finished the ion jets today so it was time for the maiden voyage.

Dylan works late into the evening on her ship.
Just need to tighten this bolt….

I didn’t dare go up before Meteor was born, but my boss has been bugging me for a while now that I need to log more flight time before I am eligible for a promotion.

Once all the kids were gone, and the girls put to bed, I decided a quick jaunt would be the perfect end to the weekend. Plus a quick trip would work out any bugs in the system. Toby saw me off.

Dylan pauses dramatically as she enters the rocket to wave at her non-existent crowd.
Farewell Simlings!

The flight was magnificent. Just me and the ship. I wonder sometimes if I wasn’t meant to be a loner. I like people and am fine around them, but I’m always looking for a spot to be off on my own.

The rocket launches into space (full moon tonight)
The final frontier

It was an uneventful flight for the most part. I hit a small dust patch which scrambled my sensors, but I trusted my intuition and we made it to the far side of the cloud without a mishap, and made it back in one piece. Toby was waiting up for me and we crawled into bed with only a few hours to spare before morning.

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