3Pt 10: Chapter’s End

“In which Leona loses a friend, is tempted by a Daedric Prince and meets and old man in the mountains.”

Leona and Borgahk stand together in their house in Raven Rock.
Relaxing in Raven Rock

After Miraak was defeated, Borgahk and I spent some time in Raven Rock relaxing and recovering. We decided to head back to Skryim and meet back up with Esbern and Delphine to see if they had recovered any more information about the shout that defeated Alduin. Perhaps the shouts I learned while facing Miraak would work.

We poured through the Blades’ library for any mention of Miraak, but he was of an earlier time, when the Dragon Priests still ruled, and so there was no mention of him. Borgahk decided to remain with the Blades and help them rebuild. She’s one of the few who can fight a dragon and win, so while I go off hunting dragon shouts, she’ll remain to protect any villages under dragon attack.

Borgahk stand in front of Leona as she says her goodbyes.

It was a sad parting, but it was for the best. I headed for Markarth to restock for my journey and on the way, I found a camp of Forsworn holding a priest captive. The moment I released him, I felt a terrible glee fill the air. I had forgotten about the Shrine to Molag Bal in the basement, but it appears Molag Bal had not forgotten about me.

I chased the priest to Markarth, trying to get my tongue to warn him of the danger, as he raced to the shrine. Helpless to resist, I followed. I…I don’t remember much of what happened next. End the end, the Daedric Lord bestowed on me his cruel mace and the priest was dead. I dare not leave the mace for anyone to use, but I am loathe to wield it myself.

The mace and a dead man in front of the Daedra's alter.
I found myself alone in the basement with Molag Bal’s mace.

Released from Molag Bal’s grasp, I quickly outfitted myself for travel and left the city, I do not like the silent stones of that town at all, there’s a lot of pain and anger in the rocks. Heading up the mountain I aimed for the word that the Greybeards had told me about, perhaps they could help me learn the words I’ll need to defeat Alduin.

A small house perched on the mountain slope and I was pleased to meat and old hunter. We talked a bit and he told me about Kyne’s sacred trials that are set by her. As a fellow hunter, I immediately agreed to take this trial and see if I could receive Kyne’s blessing.

A hunter tans leather in a small house while he talks of Kyne's blessing.
Hunter of Kyne

No sooner had I left the man’s home, than I was beset upon by two dragons. Kyne must think me a strong hunter if she puts those monsters in my path. I eventually did succeed so perhaps her belief was justified. Next I will gather this word of power and then head over to the Greybeards and see what they know of Alduin and Miraak.

Leona faces two dragons at the same time.
If you look down, you can see the wing of the dragon who is currently downed as well.

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