Paarthurnax, a golden dragon sits in front of a word wall that he has just inscribed with the word for fire.

4Pt 2: A New Dragon In Town

“In which Leona discovers not all dragon are evil and discusses philosophy and time travel. (Yes this is still a fantasy story).”

The wind shrouded gates to the upper path.
The path to Paarthurnax.

The climb was not nearly as painful this time. I had time to meditate on the shrines on the way up. Fewer folks were travelling the steps, and more wild beasts were present, but it didn’t slow me down as it did the first time. Arngeir was reading when I arrived, but he was quick to welcome me. Well, quick until he heard why I’d come. The shout I’m looking for is apparently anathema to the Way of the Voice since is was devised by mortal men with their hatred of the dragons. He refused to help me stating that if it was time for the world to end, it was time for it to end.

Einarth came to my rescue telling Arngier that since I was dragonborn I had a right to speak with their leader, Paarthurnax. Paarthurnax is a hermit who lives at the top of the mountain beyond winds that would kill you in seconds. To visit him, I had to learn the “Clear Skies” shout, which would still the winds for some time and allow me to pass. Shouting often, I made my way to the very summit of the Throat of the World, the tallest mountain peak in Skyrim. I’m glad I’m not afraid of heights.

A goat sits (precariously) at the edge of the mountain.
Goat at the Throat of the world.

Paarthurnax is a dragon. When I saw the dragonwall, I guessed, and seeing as the Greybeards learn the Voice and that Voice is dragonspeak it wasn’t too much of a surprise that their leader was a dragon. What did surprise me was that he spoke to me, not as an equal, but as a young student. The one time Alduin spoke to me, it was with condemnation and superiority. Paarthurnax taught me how to great a dov, a dragon, properly. (By him teaching me a new word, and me shouting it at him). Afterwards we got down to business.

Paarthurnax, a golden dragon sits in front of a word wall that he has just inscribed with the word for fire.
Greetings Mortal.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know the word that I am looking for as it teaches dragons about mortality and so no dragon can know it safely. He suspects it has been lost to time and that only the creators of the word know it and they are beyond reach, centuries dead. But he did suggest a course of action. The shout was not the only thing used to defeat Alduin so long ago. An Elder Scroll, or a fragment of creation, was also used to set him adrift in time. He hasn’t been dead all these years, or even defeated, he’s been traveling forward in time until now. Paarthurnax has remained on this mountain all these centuries because this is where Alduin would return when he finally did.

The dragon perches on his wall, talking to Leona who stands before him.
For a hermit, Paarthurnax is a very chatty dragon.

I have no idea where I’d find such a scroll, but I suspect that Esbern may have an idea, or at least and idea where to look. They’ve got a lot of history in their newly refound temple. So I’ll be visiting them next to see what they think.

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