Skyrim: Mod Talk

You may have noticed that my last two posts (4Pt 1 and 4Pt 2) had gorgeous screenshots. Okay you may not have noticed, but I have. I’ve been playing around with my mod setup. For the first three chapters my mods were pretty stable. Those required to create my character, those that forced me to eat and stay out of the cold, and one or two that prettied up Skyrim a bit.

But I’ve started watching Gopher’s Let’s Play Skyrim (Again) series. They are seriously hilarious to watch, I’ve laughed OUT LOUD multiple times per episode. He’s good at playing the character and good at discussing the mods he uses and nerds out about graphics. He’s also a modder and uses a lot of Skryim mods. Some I’m not able to use since they really shouldn’t be added to a game in progress unless you know what you’re doing, but many I decided to try out once Leona finishes the main quest. (Skyrim Redone to be exact.)

So while playing the other night I played a bit, added a mod, saved the game, tested it out by playing a bit more, added another mod, and repeated until I got what might be my new mod setup. Although it may change since there’s a couple mod’s in my “maybe” category that I might try out.

My mods are still rather simplistic as I don’t want to detract too much from the base game or cause myself any mod issues or cause my system to fail.

*New Mod from before
**Mod I’m still thinking of adding as of 2/24/2015

Base Game and Patches

  • DLCs Hearth Fires & Dawnguard & Dragonborn *
  • High Res Textures
  • All the Unofficial Patches *

UI Tweaks

  • Sky UI
  • Better Dialog Controls & Better Message Box Controls * (Haven’t seen the difference yet)
  • Immersive HUD * (removes all the controls so my screenshots aren’t as cluttered with game stuff)

Immersion Mods 

  • Character Creation Overhaul
  • Realistic Needs and Diseases (no longer supported)
  • Wet and Cold
  • Random Alternate Start

Visual and Audio Tweaks

  • Audio Overhaul for Skyrim * (Okay you can’t see the difference, but I can hear birds and insects!)
  • Realistic Lighting * (The sky! It’s so….blue!)
  • Pure Waters *

GamePlay Tweaks

  • When Vampire Attack * (Causes NPCs to run away during vampire attacks so they don’t get killed)
  • Run For Your Lives * (Causes NPCs to run away during dragon attacks so they don’t get killed)
  • Convenient Horses *(Horses can carry stuff)
  • Amazing Follower Tweaks ** (Allows for multiple followers)
  • A mod to change the main quest…just a bit ** (avoiding spoilers)

Fun Things 

  • Beast Skeletons
  • Footprints * (If I ever look behind me I can see that I’ve been there now)
  • Winter is Coming * (More cloaks)
  • Immersive Armors * (More armor)
  • Book Covers *(Adds book covers with titles on them)
  • HQ Paper ** (Adds pretty paper to the game)

I think it’s the Realistic Lighting combined with the Immersive HUD that has caused my screenshotting to skyrocket. It’s just so darn pretty! And I don’t even have the 2K Textures installed (It said it was almost as big as the game and my poor SSD is almost full as it is, so I decided not to install it).

Tell me my game’s not prettier.

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