Image of the original Macintosh computer, my first computer.My first computer (well family computer) had zero hard drive space, you had to use the disks to do anything. Our next computer had somewhere around 1.2gigs* For the first computer that was truly mine, I asked my friend who was building it for “more space than I could use” – it had 80gigs. This was in 2001.

Fast forward 13 years. This past week my current creature, which had a 110gig hard drive and a 1Tb external drive refused to play Sims2, citing that it had only 1.85gigs of memory left.** It “had” that much space because I immediately went out to buy a new hard drive.  I knew when the computer was build that 110gigs was small. I mean that’s less that twice the computer from 2001 and this was built 9 years later. But I really wanted a ssd and they were pricey.

For the past few years I’ve been saving everything on the external, including games, allowing only the bare minimum on the hard drive. I’ve ruthlessly uninstalled any game that I wasn’t playing constantly. By last week I was down to four game: Skyrim, Sims4, Sims2, and Minecraft.

Today my computer has Skyrim and Sims4. But all is not lost! This little bakemono*** now has a full 1tb ssd installed in it. The lack of games has much more to do with re-installing an operating system and having to re-download the games from scratch than from lack of space.

Yesterday I spent the day re-installing games and getting my saves back. I am pleased to announce that both the Pigglewiggle Legacy and Leona Secondborne have survived the transplant mostly intact.**** So the stories will continue posthaste.


*I can’t remember which version of the Performa we had. So I’m guessing here based on the 1996 version (which sounds about right).

** I have been informed that this probably wasn’t a hard drive space issue, but rather an older game error due to poor RAM management. However removing programs so I had over 2gigs hard drive space did allow me to play the game.

*** Yes, my computer is named “stupid monster.”

****I lost a couple mods on Skyrim and the Dawnguard DLC for some reason. But the game plays so I’ll worry about why Steam thinks I don’t have Dawnguard later.