Leona stands in front of the Hall of the Elements, wearing simple mage robes. She looks uneasy.

4Pt 3: The Hunt for the Elder Scroll

“In which Leona pretends to be a mage and travels far North to talk to a man about a scroll.”

Leona rides down the snowy path, the college of Winterhold looms in the distance.
Foreboding on the horizon.

Paarthurnax informed me that the only way to learn the shout that can destroy Alduin was to find an Elder Scroll to travel back in time. I had hoped that Esbern would know something since he’s a scholar, but all he could say was that the mages at Winterhold College might know something. Not very helpful.

I’ve not had very good experiences (unsettling dreams and kidnapping) before so I was reluctant to visit the town again, but couldn’t really see a way around it. I’ve not had an interest in magic and at first the woman at the door to the college was determined to keep me out.

She wanted me to prove that I had what it took to become a student, but eventually I convinced her that I merely wanted access to the library. Under the watchful eyes of the college, I was granted access. The librarian had few books on the Elder Scrolls, the first talked merely of the effects reading the scroll on people and the second was utter nonsense.

Leona stands in front of the Hall of the Elements, wearing simple mage robes. She looks uneasy.
I wore the robes inside to please the mages, but they were quite uncomfortable.

The librarian explained that he included that reference because it was written by the only living expert on Elder Scrolls. That man is living as hermit somewhere. So my quest had to continue north to find the man and ask him.

Septimus Signus is quite mad and lives in a tiny shelter perched on the edge of the ice. He’s been studying a large dwemer box which he claims holds the heart of a god inside. Quite mad. He claimed that there was an Elder Scroll in Skyrim in the Dwemer ruins at Alftand, but the only way to reach them was to use a musical sphere to open the lock.

Septimus is a dark shadow in front of a large bronze cube with teal gems that is twice his height.
He’s here because of this Dwemer cube-thing. It’s driven him insane, I think.

Conveniently he had on one him. If he had charged me for the device I might have declined. I have little faith that there is anything as powerful as an Elder Scroll locked in a dwemer fortress that wouldn’t have been looted years ago. But it was free and it was the best lead I had.

I was not alone in my study of Alftand. The ruins are half-submerged by ice and a party of explorers had preceded me by a week or so. Unfortunately, disaster had struck the group and they had been scattered and mostly killed by weather, Dwemer mechanicals, or each other. The ruins were also overrun with Falmer which I had met previously in the dark of other dwemer ruins. These blind savages will attack anything they hear and I was forced to crept slowly and quietly through the halls. Eventually I arrived at an unusual device that the spherical key fit perfectly.

A metal box grill with a circular metallic top sits in the middle of a stone ruin.
I did not expect this to be a “door” but when I placed the sphere, stairs appeared leading down.

It opened what appeared to be a solid floor with steps leading to a solid Dwemer door.

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