Close up of the glowing orb in the center of the city. Leona looks up at it as it hangs above her.

4Pt 4: Blackreach

“In which Leona learns how large mushrooms can grow and that Nirnroots can be red.”

A small building squats among trailing mushrooms that glow blue.
Shelter from the strange fungus and Falmor that inhabit this land.

I entered a huge underground cavern. Blue fungus lit the land and with the floating pollen, I often felt I was swimming underwater. I spent a few hours in this small house. Years ago an alchemist had lived here and had been studying the red nirnroot plants that dot this land. He called this area “Blackreach” although I don’t know if he coined the term or read it somewhere. I am not the first from Skyrim to visit in recent generations.

In the center of this cavern was a huge complex of building surrounding a strange yellow orb. I think it was meant to be the “sun” although the mushrooms gave off more light that that. The crazy mage had told me the scroll would be in the tower Mzark. And I figured it was best to start in the most likely of locations.

Distant towers half hide a yellow glowing ball that hangs from the ceiling of the cavern.
I was drawn to this light much like a moth to a flame.

No sign of the Elder Scroll could be found here, although I did learn that the hideous blind Falmor have slaves that they keep down here. The slaves are fanatical and will attack on sight. They seemed to live in this complex.

Close up of the glowing orb in the center of the city. Leona looks up at it as it hangs above her.
Up close it was quite pretty. I have no idea what kept the orb light.

After search all around the cavern, scouring the edges, scaring a giant and several packs of spiders. I finally realized that the tower had to be in the center of the cave. Sure enough it proved to be very near the ‘sun.’ Underground I had no idea how much time I’d wasted wandering around, but once I found the tower I knew I was in the right place. The contraption that protected the scroll was very intricate in bronze and emerald gems. And after placing the lexicon that the mage gave me, I was able to bring the scroll out of it’s protective casing. He hadn’t been lying. There really was an Elder Scroll in Skyrim.

The metal arms descend and the emerald capsule opens to reveal a shining scroll.
Opening the casing took a bit of time since I only paid attention to half the buttons on the control panel.

Scroll in hand, or rather in pack, I knew it was time to head back up to Paarthurnax.

Leona and her horse make their way up a mountain during blizzard conditions. Both are covered in white flakes.
It was…cold.


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