Dylan stands with her arm raised (wearing her astronaut uniform) peering off into the distance where the Grim lives.

6.2 Cloudy with a Chance of Meteors

I’m pulling out of Meteor’s voice for now, sorry if you enjoyed the first person – but while Dylan was easy to write, Meteor is proving more difficult.

Much to my relief, Meteor is not as evil as I feared. He has whims to make enemies, yes, but overall I can leave him conversing unattended and he doesn’t create more than an “uncomfortable conversation” moodlet. I think it’s his high social skills and outgoing personality. Mostly his evilness manifests in random bouts of evil laughter – while eating breakfast, or working out, or gardening.

A montage of four neighbor sims arriving at the pigglewiggle house. Two boys and two girls.
They were eager to come, but really they all turned out to be just friends.

I was feeling quite unfocused playing with all the girls and Meteor all of them newly made adults and none of them settling down with anyone. I’d invite everyone they knew over and I’d send them all to the neighbors to meet folks, but outside of Galaxy who flirted and wanted relationships with everyone, no sparks flew. And even with Galaxy you knew it just because she was having fun and wasn’t serious.

Their aspirations weren’t any better, Nebula wanted a family of her own which in a legacy is almost impossible unless you’re the heir, Nova was doing well with her Nerd Brain, but we’d just completed that aspiration with Dylan, and Galaxy…yeah more on her later.

When Nova aged up to adulthood and gained the good trait, I knew what had to be done. Out of five sims, three of them were good and the one I was supposed to focus on, the heir to this legacy, was evil. But Meteor wasn’t the type to kick his entire family out the house. But he did get very upset talking to “good” sims for very long. Unless I wanted an angry heir, something had to give.

Dylan stands with her arm raised (wearing her astronaut uniform) peering off into the distance where the Grim lives.
Seeing through the veil.

Dylan left first, much sooner than I expected. She’d only been in the sparkly elder age for a day or so, but I couldn’t remember if I’d given her a health potion already. She was still 80k simoleons from achieving her third aspiration of Wealthy and that’s a lot of 300 simoleon paintings to sell. I think Dylan has been my favorite sim so far, her childhood voice shouted at me onto the page and she was so fun to play, a great tease – I mean really, three girls in a row when you know the heir has to be a boy?!

She passed away in the living room one night, right in front of Galaxy’s latest girl or boyfriend, and in front of little Nova who was the only one (besides me) to weep for her mom. I’m not sure where Meteor was when it happened, I think he was working, and Nebula was probably asleep or out gardening. Galaxy was all business and she tried pleading with Grim. But he’s always refused before and this time was no different.

Dylan was the most patient of sims, knowing as the only heir she couldn’t risk her dream of space until the time was right. Despite being hot-headed she rarely let it show and her goofball tendancies won out most of the time. She waiting long for Toby to come along and sweep her off her feet. And then, as he was much older than she, she finished raising three girls and a boy on her own. Reached the top of the Astronaut Career, completed Mansion Baron, Nerd Brain, and 3/4 for Wealthy. Maxed Cooing, Fitness, Logic, Handiness, and Rocket Science and had gained or bought 11 traits. Dylan, I will miss you!

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Thus ends generation 5 of the Pigglewiggle Legacy. (This generation started back in early December! It’s been a long ride.)

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  1. So many achievements for Dylan! I’m curious to see what Meteor’s reign will bring, since we don’t know that much about him – he did just swoosh in like a meteor 🙂


  2. Meteor was difficult for me at the time. I had no idea what to expect. And the evil trait really threw me. He was my first evil sim…lol and now all my sims are evil, mean, or insane.


    • Wasn’t Dylan just the best? I’m so glad she came into my life since she let me play around with my writing style a lot.

      I didn’t end up with many LGBT+ sims in this family, but now that I’m using a few cheats, they’re all over the place if I have a say in it. (Same sex pregnacies are no longer an issue for my legacies. Back when this was written you couldn’t even tweak their gender settings in CAS like you can now).

      Liked by 1 person

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