Meteor inhales to blow out his cake (that he made) on the island. Sonja and a guy wearing a hat watch.

6.3 A Meteoric Rise

Once Dylan died, we let Nebula and Nova leave (being that they were good sims) leaving me with only two sims to manage. Galaxy, my non-committal soulmate seeker, and Meteor my evil renaissance man.

Nebula and Nova working in the (smaller) garden.
Goodbye girls! You’re too good for this household.

Galaxy finally found someone she really like and who liked her back. They are from one of the three #LegacyLove household I added to the game back when I had the Disappearing Townie Syndrome (DTS). I’m not sure which one though, I think she’s from the household where they all transferred to my new hard drive without hair or clothes and I had to quickly dress the family without looking at their traits.

So far having to re-download the game has been much less of an issue than it was with Skyrim. Of course in Skyrim I had like 20 mods and I only have 2 mods on this game: one to remove the censor since I find it more distracting than the naked sim, and the other to help with DTS.  The only loss I’ve found is that my family tree now stops at Dylan instead of going all the way back to Lemongrass Pigglewiggle which is a shame, but most of the portaits weren’t there anyway. I’ve also lost all my ghosts from the time before so Dylan will never be reunited with Toby in ghost form.

Sophia, long dark hair, pink dress and heels with Galaxy - spiky blonde with a green military-esk jacket and jeans.
For once Galaxy seems to really like this girl.

After an excellent Date, Galaxy invited her new lover to move in as we often do here. Meet Sonja Jones: Friend to world: cheerful, perfectionist, and outgoing. Very similar to Nova actually. Sonja joined the business career since I realized that we only had one Sim making money in the house, and Meteor was still only a teen. This wouldn’t pay 16k in bills for long. So Galaxy also started in the Tech Guru career.

Despite being non-committal, Galaxy wished pretty quickly to marry Sonja. I pinned the whim, but wanted to wait until Sonja felt the same way. At Meteor’s adult birthday, we again invited everyone Meteor knew and then some. He’d been close to the girl from next door, but during the short time they were both teens, nothing had sparked. I hoped the party would help us find someone for Meteor, I was not disappointed.

Meteor inhales to blow out his cake (that he made) on the island. Sonja and a guy wearing a hat watch.
Making a wish. Most of the party goers are upstairs. That’s Sonja and a mysterious guy in a hat.

Near the end of the party, I found Meteor talking with a red-head in the upstairs office. I’ve been hoping for a redhead in the family for some time. Sadly both Meteor and Galaxy take after Toby and so they didn’t share Nebula’s exotic coloring. Taking a chance, Meteor invited his new friend out for drinks after the party. It was midnight, but they were both adults.

Men and women dance, while Meteor, Darin and a third guy chat at a table.
It was quite the place. All three of the guys at the table are “evil.”

They got along fairly well. Darin was Evil and Neat, but neither of them got into trouble when chatting alone. I don’t have either of those spouse traits yet so I was eager to learn his third….foodie. Darn. And I was really hoping for someone neat to come along to clean up all the puddles left by the garden. No one else will touch them, and the sun has proved ineffective. When [other guy] walked into the bar and sat down next to Meteor and Darin, I was pleased. Also Evil and Neat but in addition he was a perfectionist. Three traits I don’t have.

I directed Meteor to chat with this new guy. They also got along well, but the flirts fell flat. This despite being that [other guy] was flirty when he walked into the bar. Eventually [other guy] said goodbye (it’s like 2am now) leaving Meteor alone at the bar. Darin however, was still hanging around and the two starting chatting. When Meteor tossed out a flirt it was returned. Leaving them alone, they would flit autonomously almost faster than I could have cued them up.

Meteor and Darin sit together at the bar.
It’s the hat, I think. Who could resist it.

The two seem quite happy together. I let Meteor go home with no fear that Darin would disappear if I didn’t immediately stick him in a house. The best thing about the new download is that it cured my DTS (for now), plus I seem to get mail people now! (Darin is a mailman).

Meteor and Darin pose outside the Pigglewiggle house.
Welcome Darin! (Doesn’t Meteor look happy?!)

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    • I’ve grabbed them a couple times, I think they’re under both LegacyLove and LegacyLoves (with an ‘s’).

      And yeah – if I knew then what I knew now…no I wouldn’t change things, but it perhaps wasn’t my smartest move.


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