Close up of the previous image, at the start, the highway creates two "m" shapes around the highways in the center for traffic to get on an off.

Raerei Cove: Briar Stone Highway

I’ve been planning a highway to span the island for some time now (in fact, the failure of the first highway caused this past break from playing.) So the other night I figured it was time to try again. The idea is to have a main highway that spans the island so that vehicles can get between all the smaller communities I plan to build.

The first highway was a failure and looked awful. I failed to completely delete Bella Forest which ran under the highway and had tried to build around it. Bad idea. So this time (still paused) I removed the final bits of highway and tried again. The highway wraps around the edge of the map – and while not completely perfect, it’s not bad.

Overlooking Resort Eva, with the residential beaches on the right. Now along the left edge are two highways running most parallel  and then bending to the right behind the first set of mountains.
The highway is two teired in that one highway is slightly shorter than the other. I like the effect it gives on the map’s edge.

I did however run out of money since I had to build the highway paused. I tend to do major roadwork paused because I know I’ll break the city while I work. Highways are expensive however and since I build two of them while paused, I had to take out my first loan so I could finish the round-a-doughnut (it’s not really a circle) and reconnect the power lines. Luckily my city makes quite a bit of money so it wasn’t too long before I was back up to a decent amount and paid the loan off.

My main plan with Briar Stone Highway was to get trucks to Katiekat Forest without going through the entire town. I love the “no heavy traffic” feature and both Quill’s 18 Neighbourhoods and Essentialiving have that policy, but the roads through Bella Forest took too much time when the trucks just wanted to get to the far side of my town. I also had planned to take advantage of the agricultural fields in the neighbouring plot which would make sense with the highway.

Right now you can get on and off the highway at the start of Resort Eva.

Close up of the previous image, at the start, the highway creates two "m" shapes around the highways in the center for traffic to get on an off.
Although it’s a bit bizarre, I like how the on off ramps work. Most of this traffic is residential with a few trucks using just the edge of it all to get to Bella Forest.

At the vaguely spaghetti junction Near Katiekat & Piggums Forests.

A maze of highways and on/off ramps at differing heights. In the distance (across the lake) is a forest industry. To the right is a huge hill as this is where the highway bends to get to the rest of the map.
Despite the roads going every which way, the junction here works fairly well. Most traffic off the highway goes to the the distant forest and the rest is coming from there to the highway or to my other industrial center.

And at the newly build Nirolosa Vineyards (with neighboring Jasper Heights Residential).

The highway here isn't raised, but it does have two overpasses, one for the departing traffic to get back to town the other for the garbage trucks to cross over the highway and reach the distant agricultural and residential districts.
Simple on/off ramps are all this area needs at the moment since this is the end of the road. (Although the garbage trucks had to get across or go all the way through town!)

I have to say the highway appears to be working rather well!

My plan is to have only “clean” industry in the town using the Forestry, Agricultural, and Office buildings. Hopefully that will work. Jasper Heights are designated a “no-education” centre as I need plenty of uneducated workers to work in the fields. However, the subway now extends out so the citizens will be able to visit the city centre without using the highways.

The population of Resort Eva is now just over 10,000 people! And I notice problems beginning.

1. My industry needs more places to sell

I believe this may be because my commercial has sky-rocketed while working on the highway and the farmlands which might be because of the recent tweak to commercial needs. Or it may be because my resort commercial (down by the semi-polluted bay) had no way for trucks to get to it as all the roads were designated “no heavy traffic.”

The bay (which is only slightly discolored now) has tall commercial buildings right on the water's edge. Hopefully someday tourists will arrive here.
The distant bridge road was the only road to this commercial/tourist district and wouldn’t allow trucks to pass. Oops.

2. My commercial needed more goods

See the previous issue, although even after fixing the resort commercial area, some of my other commercial districts (which are much more centrally located)are complaining. I’m hoping to fix this with some commercial shipping but I need to hang on for 3k more population to unlock the boats. I have pretty high commercial and industrial demand at the moment and am planning an office/shopping district at the bend in the highway.

3. Mini-death Spiral!

While concentrating on the new agricultural fields, I looked over at my main city and realized that there were some “dead body” notifications! Quite a few of them in fact in the center of my town. Panicked I slammed down some crematoriums and then noticed that the clinic probably wasn’t reaching my entire population. Not sure if it was the distance to the quaint cemetery and the hearses not making it, or if it was the stressed health system. But that crisis was averted.

Full view of the city from the "south?" Starting at the beaches and hillside residential, to the main flat land with high-rises and edged by the highway which travels across the map past the distant forests before bending back down to the farmlands (and the single source of pollution - the garbage dump).
My new commercial is planned for just right of Piggums Forest.

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that the sewage issue is slowly fixing itself. Although the beaches are still not what I’d call clean, they are improving dramatically – and I know now that I picked the wrong location for my initial sewer pipes. Next on my list is the commercial centre and perhaps a dam!

Raerei Cove was the first map built by AKiss4Luck back when the game was still pre-release. Interested in how Raerei Cove was created? Watch Eva build it Beautiful!

I think this Eva’s only other Raerei Cove video at the time of this posting: Rae Port. (Check out her other Skylines Youtube videos as well like Kiin’s Landing! Now that’s a map.)

There’s lots more version of the Cove going around, take a look at them or download the map yourself in the steam workshop!

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