Sideline: noun side·line \-ˌlīn\
A job that is done in addition to your main job

Normal "arrival" screenshot from the first moment you play the game. The three are lined up on the sidewalk.
Nova, Nebula, and Cocoa arrive in Oasis Springs.

Well we’ve arrived. Slid though the save files and landed exactly where we were. Almost. I mean the three of us are all still living back in that other game in a very similar house even, but that’s not us. This is. Confusing no? Well, that’s what you get when you’re digital. It’s easy to copy/paste zeros and ones although some things get lost in the transition.

The house is fabulous, three stories with one of those new basements (that’s where my room is) but all done up in clean lines and green growing things – despite living in the desert. We’ll need to make money quickly since the motherlode got us here, but it won’t bail us out if we fail to pay rent. There’s room now for all three of us to have our own spaces to explore our interests and new careers. That’s why we’re here to make money and have a chance at “real” life. At least as real as digital can be.

Top down view of the house. It's two stories (definitely not square) with lots of windows, sandy coloured stone, and a telescope on the roof.
This is our corner house, it’s so green!

Nebula has already taken up photography and is taking pictures left and right. I’m pretty sure she was even taking pictures of the pancakes she made for dinner. Cocoa started gardening and did this weird helix thing with the bonsai plant. He says doesn’t plan to go all out on gardening. But there were empty planters out back so, I think we’re meant to use them. I haven’t felt drawn to any hobbies yet, there’s a painting set upstairs as well as a huge telescope, but I’m more interested in work.

Who am I? Well, if you’ve been paying attention to the Pigglewiggle Legacy you’d know since we’re not so far removed from that world.

Nebula in her cop uniform outside the crime scene, questions a potential witness.
(Someday) Detective Nebula

My name is Nova Pigglewiggle. I’m the third daughter of the sixth generation of the Pigglewiggle Legacy. Actually, we’re all three from that game, but we’ve been transferred over here to try out the new expansion pack. Three new careers, three sims. I’ve decided to become a detective! I start on Wednesday. I’m so excited! I’m a nerd brain and a bit of a perfectionist so figuring out puzzles by paying attention to details should work.

Nebula leaves the house early in the morning in blue medical scrubs.
Nurse Nebula

This is my big sister Nebula. She’ll be the doctor. I think it suites her as she’s more “mothering” than I am – I mean she has the “domestic” aspiration. But she’s a bit squeamish so hopefully she doesn’t faint when she sees blood or has to perform surgeries or something.

Cocoa stands in his lab coat in a large warehouse like room (with grate walls) staring at a mysterious machine.
Cocoa: The Scientist (to be)

Cocoa is a Heish-Pigglewiggle. He’s our second-second cousin? I’m not sure what he is and the game lost that information when we got here. He’ll be our scientist since he’s already a genius. He says he’s already made two discoveries while working on the bonsai plant and that’s just in day one so maybe that was the right decision.

So how will this work? Well we’ve all been given the long livespans to fully explore the new careers. Each day one of us will be followed to work. We’ll do it in rotation so we all get a chance to have our say. I think the idea is figure out who can get to the top of their career first. That way we get to focus on all three careers rather than just one. Retail will have to be someone else.