Sonja (in her disgusting pink suit) and Darin chat in the kitchen.

6.4 Meteor Shower in the Summer Sky

Darin wormed his way into my heart right away. Soon after moving in he visited the mausoleum and Dylan. Did he know her? As a mailman I guess It’s possible. Honestly until that night at the bar, he was just another potential suitor. I’m not sure who met him or when. Darin is an evil writer. He writes kids books which seems so wrong, but since he can’t write anything else he might as well go for it. “Mommy Drinks Because You’re Bad” was a major hit among disenfranchised elementary students and the start of something truly awful.

Meteor sits on the couch watching the news lady before he heads off to work.
Toast and Television, that’s healthy, right?

I gave Meteor a job as an astronaut since I’m sure he won’t want that as a job for long and renaissance sims have to change careers often. For a while there I was thinking, well his birthday is on Sunday and the new expansion pack comes out on Monday….and then I remembered game time vs real time. Sigh. So while I’m back up to four adults, it feels more manageable since I can concentrate on aspirations and work whims rather than dating. I hate trying to find spouses for my sims.

Sonja and Galaxy stand on the sidewalk chatting.
What? I think it’s a great idea. I wouldn’t mind helping you and your brother out.

Life continued normally that first week. I moved Galaxy and Sonja to Dylan’s old bedroom and enlarged the office area. I haven’t found a need for a basement yet, but I’m thinking of an underground mausoleum. Sonja was happy with our set up, she got up early every morning, ate breakfast, took a brisk shower and then was off to work. Coming home she’d watch some TV or play video games before having dinner, filling out her reports and heading off to bed. I like how predictable the business career is. I dislike the outfits.

Sonja plays chess in her pink work suit. Behind her, Galaxy is doing dishes.
The pink suit thing just does not suit.

Darin too settled in well, churning out children’s books with disturbing titles. It makes sense for him to break into maniacal laughter while writing. So he’s progressing well. His romance with Meteor is a little slower than Galaxy and Sonja’s romance, their friendship is still only halfway. While you can leave them alone most of the time and they flirt or chat safely – one little slip, one mean or petty comment, and their meters slide down. They’re quick to apologize and both of them want to marry the other, but they’re not soulmate status yet.

Sonja (in her disgusting pink suit) and Darin chat in the kitchen.
Are you okay with this? I mean, he’s your boyfriend.

Galaxy struggled this first week. Everyday she came home tense. Being non-committal in a long term relationship and in a steady job, does not do wonders for her mood. Toby had the same issue. On Friday, after failing to get a promotion, she decided to quit her job – immediately she felt better. Meteor didn’t do much better promotion-wise than Galaxy, but I mainly just want him making money while he works on his skills and at least he wasn’t miserable.

I think it was Galaxy’s idea to go to Granite Falls for a three day vacation.

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    • I know, right? You’d think they’d have incompatible careers like they do for traits. Or at least not have kids books be the only book genre a budding author can write. But I kept him with that genre. Book titles were much too fun to think of. Someone has to tell the kids the cold hard truths.

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    • You’ll see! – Although you probably already have since I’m still catching up on your comments. 😀

      I can’t remember if that’s a real book title I stole, but I know I had a blast naming every one of his books. And he pretty much only wrote Children’s books despite being able to write so much more.

      Liked by 1 person

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