Cocoa chats with a rather humanoid-looking robot.

Sidelines 2: Scientific Method

I should probably introduce myself, just in case you missed Nova’s greeting. I’m Cocoa Heish-Pigglewiggle. I was part of the cadet branch of the Pigglewiggle Legacy, before we had to move out.

Cocoa stands in his lab coat in a large warehouse like room (with grate walls) staring at a mysterious machine.
Cocoa: The Scientist

Now my cousins and I are testing out our own wings with the Careers expansion. One sim per career and then we’ll play in rotation and see who reaches the top of their career first. I’m a genius sim so I picked the scientist career. I need all the help I can get. Unlike my cousins, I didn’t get the benefit of being in a legacy during my teenage years.

So on to the actual raison d’être. Monday was my first day working at SimLabs and the whole place is like a giant warehouse in the desert. I don’t know what half the machines do (yet), but I was eager to get started. Channing is my direct supervisor and he told me pretty much just to do whatever it was I felt like while I get my bearing.

Cocoa stands in front of the huge microscope chatting with Alayna.
Meeting coworkers.

Ever since last night I’ve had this idea of a momentum machine that would conserve momentum to be used later. Like when you’re running downhill, rather than use energy to slow down, you could use the converter to store the excess for when you’re running uphill. So when I met the robot builder I knew I’d picked the right career.

Cocoa chats with a rather humanoid-looking robot.
A9, the robot builder

I decided to call him A9. We got along fabulously, you don’t have to have careful schematics or anything. An idea will do and A9 will help you figure out how best to build your invention. Before two long I had a working momentum converter. At least I think it’s working. Right now all it does is spin, but it’s getting that spin from somewhere.

Cocoa points at the smoke and sparks, directing the robot where to build.
You tell him what to do and he builds it.

My other coworkers are Bo and Alayna. I think they’re in a relationship as they spent the morning huddled around the computer working furiously together on something. I was never able to figure out what exactly they were doing. Alayna was kind enough to give me a crystal so I could start working on a Sim Ray. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

So far all my experiments into synthetic food have failed completely. I’m not going to tell you how that goop smelled, it looked bad enough. So I’m going to have to stick to A9 and inventing instead.

Channing was pleased with my momentum converter and recommended that I take it home with me so I can figure out where it’s momentum is coming from. I’m really eager to return tomorrow to continue.

Nova and Cocoa sit on the couch, Nova never got out of her pjs this day since she did work. Cocoa is still wearing his work uniform.
Grilled cheese for dinner.

Nebula and Nova were home when I got back from work (Nova had the day off and Nebula starts earlier than me.) We ate dinner and then I quickly tended my plants to make sure they don’t die before taking a long bath. A midnight run and I felt completely satisfied.

Not bad for my first day of work!


  1. Funny that he made a bad-smelling goop while trying to make synthetic food. I love the irony of that- sims making synthetic food. Your description of A9 and how he can take an idea and draw out plans was cool.


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