6.5 Meteors are Not Made of Granite

The vacation was a pleasant diversion and it allowed me to get my two couple friendly with each other, not just their spouses. Without a computer, Darin couldn’t work on his books, but I figure he got plenty of inspiration. He also bought every book available at the supply shop. Galaxy took up fishing in her spare time and the rest of the time grilling up the fish she caught. Sonja was left at loose ends but did a bit of everything while they were out. She’s also the one who found the secret bramble patch to the old hermit’s house.

Sonja, wearing shorts and sensible outdoorsy clothes for once, enters the bramble patch.
Meteor was too uncomfortable to enter after picking one of the plants.

Meteor took up herbalism although he hasn’t gotten skilled enough to brew any potions, he did collect four unusual looking plants that if he ever identifies them, he’ll be in luck. Mainly there was a lot of campfires and chatting and resting and relaxing.

The four sit around the campfire. Meteor is reading his herbalism book, Sonja is eating a marshmallow, and Darin and Galaxy chat.
How we Spent our Granite Falls Vacation.

There was one minor surprise. Sonja finally decided that she was ready to take the plunge and asked Galaxy to marry her. It’s been a whim of Galaxy’s for a long time but I was afraid her non-committal nature might cause issues. It didn’t.

On one knee, Sonja asks for Galaxy's hand.
Don’t think of it as a commitment, think of it as a promise.

The trip was quite satisfactory for all (and I got to play with basements!) and everyone returned home well rested. Galaxy even decided to start a new career – painting, just in time for Meteor to take up the tech guru career. I’m excited to play with the new portrait function, although it took me some time to figure out where Sonja should stand. As smooth as everything was going, I knew I was about to shake the household. I’d hoped they were strong enough to handle it. With a strict egalitarian legacy, I knew I couldn’t adopt. Although I did think about it, but I’d hate to lose the Pigglewiggle genes this late in the game. Ideally this would be Sims3 and I could send Darin and Meteor off to the future to have a baby made there, but sadly we have to do things the old fashioned way.

I sent Galaxy and Darin off to the bar and left them there. Then I plied Meteor and Sonja with drugs….okay with flirty cookies and flirty potions. I figured I’d get them in the mood first. Luckily they were friendly enough after spending time together on vacation and when the first flirt flew, it worked. The only hitch came around 2am, just as they were finally getting in the mood, Darin walks in. Apparently the bar closes as both he and Galaxy were back. I sent Darin to the couch and Galaxy off to bed then hit the “Try for Baby.”

Meteor and ... Sonja kiss.
Just for this one night.

I had to hit it three times, I think they were reluctant to go through with it now that their lovers were home. But eventually success.

Sonja waddles into the kitchen.
Is it a girl? Please let it be a girl!

Surprisingly no one got upset at the whole adventure. I’m pretty sure they knew what had to be done and had discussed it before hand. I mean, they couldn’t be unaware of what the legacy rules are, could they?

Legacy Score: 56

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  1. Yay for creative approaches to creating the heir! I’m so glad nobody got upset! I’ve seen this happen in other legacies where same-sex couples needed someone else to father or birth the child. Sometimes, our Sims are so very smart and generous! Hope the good feelings and generosity continues! 🙂


    • Yeah – I didn’t go out of my way to plan it, but it was nearing Meteor’s adult birthday and he seemed so content that I couldn’t bear to make him leave Darin. I’m glad it worked out, even if I had to be a little heavy-handed.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I was thrilled it worked. The only thing upsetting was that the kids were never considered Darin’s by the game. Which meant I had to see “romance” options when they were chatting as adults. Shudder.


    • Yup four parents! Since I don’t allow adoptions, Meteor had to have the kid somehow and he didn’t seem likely to cheat on Darin and no girls were catching his fancy.


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