Nebula walks past the front desk of the hospital in her newly acquired scrubs.

Sidelines 3: Medical Emergancy

Nebula Pigglewiggle here. I’m not sure what the others have been telling you, but I did not mean to set the house on fire. My cooking skill should have been high enough for eggs and toast.

Nebula walks past the front desk of the hospital in her newly acquired scrubs.
Orientation at the hospital.

Yesterday was orientation and so I got shown around the clinic. I learned where the analysis units are, the x-ray machines, and the surgery room (although it’ll be a long time before I get to use them). I also learned the various policies and procedures for intake, and medical analysis so I was excited to finally get to work today.

Perhaps too excited? I was mentally running though everything I’d learned yesterday, imaging myself in the examination room, when I set fire to the stove making breakfast.

Nebula, in a red one piece pajama, tends the stove, a fire has just begun in the oven below.
The swabs are kept in the left cabinet next to the thermometers….
Nebula runs away from the stove which is now fully aflame.
Not good!

So instead of delicious eggs and toast we all ate cereal and yogurt. It kind of threw me off for the whole day and I only started to catch my stride in the afternoon.

Nova, Nebula (now dressed) and Cocoa sit around the kitchen table.
We enjoyed a semi-tense breakfast of cereal and yogurt.

During the entire morning, I only saw two patients, Nancy and Geoffrey Landgrab. Nancy was just in for a routine llama vaccine before she goes on her annual Llama Cruise, but Geoffrey had a weird spiral rash all over than I’d never seen before. Dr. Emery had to come in and diagnose him.

Nebula takes the temperature of Geoffrey (sitting in his hosipital gown on the hospital bed).
Second patient of the day, Geoffrey Landgrab.

Around noon I was called to run an emergency sample through the machine which took me away from the patients while I ran the sample and sent the results back to the hospital. I think the solicitude helped settle me and I got through the afternoon with only a few minor mishaps.

NEbula stands in front of a large machine, with a centerfuge on one side and a green computer screen on top. It analyses patient samples.
Analyzing samples

Dr. Emery was very understanding although my performance today was only so-so. Hopefully I can do better tomorrow. Now I just want a hot bath, warm food, and maybe watch some television. At least I can make grilled cheese without setting the house on fire.


  1. Oops, Nebula had a setback before she even started, having to deal with a fire. I thought it was funny how she started out with “I don’t know what the others have told you…”

    The kitchen is quite unique looking, and looks super fun to play.


    • Yeah – she’d figured people might be bad mouthing her for setting the house on fire. Sister are like that.

      I just remembered! This house is actually based off a condo I stayed in during a wedding, the first floor is at least. I struggled mightily to get the counters to “bend” correctly. Luckily I built it just as the bb.moveobjects cheat was released.


    • Mainly creepy crawlies and taking out the garbage. 😦 If I’d remembered her trait I probably would have written her in. Overall though, the trait doesn’t do much in game. I’m going to have to write down people’s traits in the future so I don’t forget.


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