Galaxy (in her green pjs) is panicking near the nursery - Sonja has yet to arrive at the bassinet.

6.6 Fireballs: Brighter than a Normal Meteor

And so the waiting began. Would it be a girl? Would we have to go through this again? The morning finally arrived – early morning. Galaxy experienced the pre-parental panic.

Galaxy (in her green pjs) is panicking near the nursery - Sonja has yet to arrive at the bassinet.
It’s time! It’s time! Hurry up Sonja, it’s time!

I was curious to see if Meteor would panic as well, and at first I was disappointed, but then I looked at his queue and there it was. Sadly he took too long repairing the radio, so when the panic finally came up the babies were already born so it was dismissed automatically. Yes, that’s right, twins! After suffering with two fertile trait sims and not a twin between them, and missing the “you will have twins” bug since no one was pregnant before they fixed it. I finally got my twins. Meet generation 7: Harlequin and Michelangelo Pigglewiggle.

Two babies side by side in bassinets. Harley wears the yellow onesie, Michel the green.
Harlequin on the left (first born) and Michelangelo on the right.

Despite having four adults in the house, the twins were needy. If left alone for more than a few hours, they cried. Harley cried from loneliness once. At least I think that’s why she cried – she wasn’t hungry and didn’t need her diaper changed yet.

Meteor is spraying for bugs with two bassinets in the background.
Time honored tradition of gardening with the babies. I feel like they enjoy the sunshine.

At night I split the kids up so that only one set of parents would be bothered (whoever got woken up first got both the kids after that.) The other set would be allowed to sleep in.

Darkened bedroom with two sleeping adults. Nearby is Michel's bassinet where he lays poised to cry any moment now.
Michel resting with the girls.
A bassinet sits on the other side of a room divider, the boys sleep on the far side, hoping for a solid night's sleep.
Harley sleeps with the boys tonight.

Since they were so much work, when Nebula called on Meteor’s day off, he took the opportunity to visit his sisters and get away from the babies. Nebula and Nova had moved in with their cousin Cocoa who was alone now that Mo and Katrina has passed away. Meteor had a lovely afternoon with no crying babies and a chance to catch up with his sisters. He got home just in time to make dinner before the twins aged up.

Meteor sits in at the kitchen table (glas and red) in front of huge floor to ceiling glass window overlooking greenery. Nebula and Nova sit across from him, Cocoa sits next to him.
I love this house. Sadly it’s too small for a legacy but it’s so pretty inside.

I decided to treat them like adopted kids and used Darin’s stats rather than Sonja’s. He is the primary spouse after all and although it means the kids are twice as likely to end up evil as well, it seemed wrong not to use his traits. Harley got the Geek trait and Michel loves the outdoors. Both want to be Wiz Kids so that’s lucky for me.

CAS images of Harley and Michel. Harley's black hair is in two braids and a black vest with a blue shirt (and glasses as all my heirs do). Michel wars a red and white robot long-sleeved shirt and a red bear hat which covers his blond hair.
Harley likes blue and black while Michel is more of a red guy.

It felt wrong not to have a party for their birthday so I had Meteor bake his patented hamburger cake for them to eat when they aged up. Which was fortuitous since despite being fed right before their birthday, they were both yellow from hunger. The cake was much appreciated.

Harley and Michel sit at the kitchen table moments after aging up, stuffing their faces with cake.
Happy birthday you two.

After their dinner, I had them play their first chess game together while I got the bedrooms ready. Even though it was late, they weren’t overly tired yet which gave me time to redo the walls and floors and set it all up for them.

Michel alseep in his red bedroom, the wall is cut out so you can see Harley sleeping in the room next door in her black bed and room.
They don’t share a bedroom, but they do share the same furniture.

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  1. It took long enough. Hopefully this means the twin-bloodine is finally in my family. I guess I had to give up completely on ever getting twins to get them.


  2. This has got to be the most unique family setup I’ve ever seen in a legacy! Props to you for pulling it off. And yay twins! It feels right for them to have twins, if it was only one kid it would seem like there’s too many parents to give their love and the child would probably end up spoiled rotten. Though I’m guessing at least one of these two will inevitably end up being evil!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 Yay twins. I can’t believe how long it took to get them. Somehow I missed the twin glitch by not having anyone pregnant that month. And with two evil parents, the likely hood of one being evil…yes, it’s very high.


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