Nebula interviews a witness on the street.

Sidelines 4: Crime of the Century

So Wednesday finally rolled around and it was time for me to start my career. Cocoa had glowing reports for how awesome his workplace was and how they let him do whatever he wanted.

I don’t think Nebula’s job is as relaxed. She came back on Tuesday completely stressed. That may have been the fire. I know I was still stressed from that. She has a lot more responsibility at her job than Cocoa, and I think she worries that if she does it wrong, she’ll kill someone. They kind of just toss her in the deep end on day two.

Nebula and Nova sit at the kitchen bar in their pjs, chatting and eating toast and eggs.
Cheering up my sister over successful (non-fire) eggs and toast.

My workplace has the responsibility of the hospital (although with less chance for death), but they’re really kind to us rookies. In the morning, Detective Peralas too me to a crime scene to show me the ropes.

Nova in her detective uniform sits at a table, two of her coworkers are chatting with her.
This is my new desk!

I took evidence photos, talked to witnesses, and took samples from the crime scene to analyse. It was just a vandalism crime, probably some kids, but Detective Peralas says they treat all crimes equally. Or at least the same steps are used no matter the crime.

Nova interviews a witness on the street.
“So, I never saw the guy you see. But I heard him. Footsteps you know – they headed off that way.”

Detective Jeffress showed me the procedure for booking someone in the afternoon. I took the mug shot photos and fingerprints. I also patted them down looking for weapons. One woman had TWO fish on her. I don’t think they were dangerous but I bet they would start to smell soon, so we confiscated them and put them in the fridge.

Nova mans the camera while a sim in an orange jumpsuit gives a wry smile.
Two-fish woman’s mug shot.

It was a very sucessful day. I met a lot of my coworkers and they were quite supportive. The citizens less so. When I was asked to take down the crime reports, they were not impressed by me at all. However the Chief says for a rookie, I did the best he’d seen in a long time and gave me full marks.

Nova chats with the chief and a coworker at the end of her first day.
“If you’re that smart, rookie, you’d get back to work.”

Tomorrow I’m to do my first patrol and I can’t wait. PS. I’ve started baking.

A plate of brownies.
These were so tempting, that I actually stopped playing the game and made cookies.

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